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  1. You know it's gonna be a bad day at the home when: someone walks up to the nurse's station on Mothers Day and asks what room Mama is in and Mama has been there six months. You just know that Mama is going to need to go to the bathroom in less than t...
  2. Moral Question

    It's a rash caused by an allergy. It's not catching. Nothing to be all morally dilemnaed about.
  3. Do you think I could get kicked out?

    I hope you won't be thrown out. You messed up, and you have to deal with it. From my perspective you deserve a reprimand, and a severe one. I don't think you should get thrown out. Never know what the powers that be will do. Hope it goes your way.
  4. What can I do to these scrub stains? Help Me!!!!

    Wash only white scrubs with white scrubs. Hot water, detergent, and use one-two packs of Rit White-Wash. Your scrubs will be white and will never turn yellow. You can get it at Walmart.
  5. "Sir or Ma'am" when addressing physicians?

    I have had many doctors call me Ma'am. I call all doctors "Doctor". Life is easy.
  6. 6 patients at once? How do you do that?? Any advice?

    Am I in some kind of alternate universe? 6:1 on Med- Surg is great staffing.
  7. Stat orders and the MAR

    If I am going to give it to a patient, I am going to write it on the patient's Medication Administration Record. That's what it is, a "record of the medication administrated to the patient." Think of it this way. Suppose something went wrong and you...
  8. Would this be appropriate for an interview?

    You should be fine. Good luck.
  9. Some days I just wanna bang my head against a wall

    God bless this poor woman. And heaven help this poor family. I really don't get it when people don't get it. I have had residents whose family would decline a feeding tube when the resident would no longer eat and leave Mama a full code. So we are...
  10. Charting Help/Tips Please! for long term care / SNF

    One word.............FOCUS Why are you charting? How about this? UTI? Pain, temperature, complaints, odor of urine, mentation, reaction to ABT, output, what else did you do? V/S 98.2,68,14,112,58 98% saturation on room air. Has denied pain and verbal...
  11. Creepy Patient

    This screams "discharge" to me. You should have reported it the first time.
  12. Baffled...

    "Bastard coated bastards with bastard filling" Yes, it a terrible thing to say. Do I love it? You betcha!
  13. cna to lpn

    Having been through both, I can tell you LPN is much harder. The skills learning is pretty much the same. In the RN program you get a lot more theory and fluff. This is gonna get me KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLED.
  14. "I would help you out with a job if I could.."

    I think you are looking at it all the wrong way. At the end of the day, it's a job. You go, you put in your time, you do the very best that you can do, you get your money. You provide for yourself, and your family. That alone is noble enough. I ha...
  15. Another one for my journal

    Where I come from that patient had just done fell out...... Yes, Esme, DFO is a real diagnosis down here. And I hesitate to tell you what PFO is, but let's just say the LOL at the nursing home urinated and fell.
  16. First day of CNA clinical - Elder abuse?

    " ltc is heart breaking. those that care, don't always last." don't you dare tar everyone with the same brush. many many fine cnas and dedicated workers of all degrees of education do last for exactly the reason that they care. just because you didn'...
  17. doctor's office accessing of scripts

    I really do not have any health issues. I only take the obligatory "old woman's" SSRI. I really do not give a rip if any prescriber knows what I take. His newly employed, will be gone in 6 weeks, front desk clerk, that's a different story. That's h...
  18. Does a CNA have to wipe butts?

    I am curious OP, what do YOU think a CNA does?
  19. Do nurses make the worst patients?

    I have found that nurses make the best patients. Nurse's families are a pain in the rear. You can have an alert, oriented, verbal patient, who is able to speak for herself and her family will show out every time.
  20. Scope of Practice question

    Within your scope of practice, in any state, anywhere: " If you feel you are having an allergic reaction, please call 911."
  21. Grossest thing that you've experienced?

    Not my first day, but not many days into my first job as and LPN. In to give morning meds to a LOL who was still in bed. She had a line of little brown balls lined up on her bed rails. OOPs! I step to the hall to get gloves off my cart and start get...
  22. CNAs that take extended breaks

    Yes, for real. And the post wasn't addressing the occasional 5 or 10 over, or the "drive thru(sic)" took to long. And as for your call of nature, that doesn't take an hour, violent or not. Take your break at the appointed time, for the amount of time...
  23. Survey for RN's 50 years old and up-part time or full time?

    Working 50-60 and doing fine. I have no health problems. Granted I don't do much in the way of real work any more. I am an MDS coordinator. I still hit the floor when a supervisor is needed. And I do love that. I would go back in a minute. I have al...
  24. Pain assessment: do you believe your pt when...

    Honey, if they want it and it's time, they're getting it- If they don't want it, and it's time, sometimes they're getting it.. I am not the drug police. All they are required to have is respirations above 12 and I am good.
  25. Avoid "Karing with Kindess" CNA program

    In some states, North Carolina being one, you don't have to have ANY education. You can challenge the test and if you pass, you are certified. Scary huh?