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    So disappointed with on-line program

    CAN you tell us what program this is so we can avoid it? or the state this program is in at least?
  2. im in the solo fnp track. i have only taken one class so far. will be taking another class this fall. if i understand correctly, you paid for chamberlain and did not get one credit applied ? this is why i stay away from places like chamberlain..........
  3. im currently at university south alabama. they are very organized yet strict. so far i love it and am glad i chose this program
  4. A few months ago, I was approached by upper management about cross training for nursing supervisor. The position was going to be intermittent as needed to cover vacations or days off. I was so happy and proud to start training. Soon after I started t...
  5. l.a.m.b

    University of South Alabama summer 2018

    yes the second letter comes separately after u accept ur enrollment and a couple of other steps. it has ur jad id and password. u should have already done the castlebranch which was due on march 5. u also get an email with the name of ur advisor
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    i just accepted my placement into school. i understand that i have to maintain a 3.0 average gpa or i will be dropped. someone also told me that school is very very hard. at first i wasnt nervous, but now i am! i am scared i wont be able to maintain ...
  7. l.a.m.b

    University of South Alabama summer 2018

    hi, i too have applied to the summer 2018 program! let us know when u get your acceptance letter...i hope its not too difficult to get in
  8. Upon browsing different nursing groups including this one, I have noticed a new trend...current or nursing students to be asking for money via goFundme. Why don't they apply for scholarships or for student loans the way most, if not all of us, did? ...
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    It is online. My instructors always referred us to it for apa or format questions or issues. I personally have not used it because I would rely heavily on an apa book that was required that we buy. It's really good and after a few months the proper w...
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    No. Purdue owl online is free
  11. l.a.m.b

    Do you overspend on luxury items as a nurse?

    Luxury cars? A nurse? Seriously?
  12. l.a.m.b

    Csu dominguez hills adn-bsn performance courses

    There are tests for some, not all classes. It's definitely not like it was in nursing school. The emphasis is on research and being a good writer. You must also participate in group posts.
  13. l.a.m.b

    Csu dominguez hills adn-bsn performance courses

    I have 2 classes left! I took no more than 2 classes at a time which is equal to 6 units. I was not in a hurry and I refuse to punish myself by over stressing , haha!
  14. l.a.m.b

    Csu dominguez hills adn-bsn performance courses

    It is very easy to find a preceptor. The program itself is very good. The negative thing about Csdh is that the staff (not teachers) are unorganized, rude and know nothing. when u call financial aid or the admissions off they don't answer. they say t...
  15. l.a.m.b

    Csu dominguez hills adn-bsn performance courses

    Don't worry too much about the letter. If u got in it will appear on ur acct. everyone gets in !
  16. l.a.m.b

    Csu dominguez hills adn-bsn performance courses

    U have to find ur own preceptor and place from a list!
  17. l.a.m.b

    Parent Faked Order?

    To OldDude: only Mexicans speak Spanish right? Not Guatemalans or people from El Salvador. U are a racist demeaning person. Any relation to Donald trump perhaps?
  18. l.a.m.b

    made a mistake...

    Always check the orders. Never go exactly by what u heard in report because that info could be wrong
  19. l.a.m.b

    New grad, want to quit

    UR nursing judgement is correct in that u should be taught correctly the first time every time. It is ok to ask that u be assigned to someone else because that preceptor u have seems too lax in her teaching. That can create a dangerous situation for ...
  20. l.a.m.b

    Should I become a nurse if I can't work night shifts?

    That could be a problem if the facility that u have training in both day and night shifts
  21. l.a.m.b

    Social Problems in a Hospital? Please Help?

    Homelessness. Abused patients by family. Alcoholism. Drug addiction
  22. l.a.m.b

    Another reason unions suck!

    I'm in a union. If we want vacation we request it. If we requested the same block of time then it's based on who asked first. Simple as that
  23. By any chance are you working for the county in Ventura??!
  24. l.a.m.b

    Hospice: What You Don't Know Can Hurt

    Thank you for this
  25. l.a.m.b

    Welfare Fraud

    Report it!