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  1. l150

    BSN is a joke

    I work in a major metropolis and ALL the hospitals told the nurses also in the early 2000s, so I completely understand what you are saying. Any that had LPNs told them they had to become a RN within a certain amount of time or leave or retire if you are of that age. Here if you want to work at one of them , even an ADN isn't good enough, a BSN is mandatory.
  2. l150

    Which school to go to ?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! You are so awesome !! Your post really helped . I started looking around , and read different things around the web. Some good and some horror stories but none of what I read was as good as yours. Is it ok if I PM you, if I have any questions ??
  3. l150

    Which school to go to ?

    I don't have any med-surg or acute care. Just LTC. But how can you remember a 500 + page study guide ? I know it is a test, but how many mistakes can you make before you fail ?
  4. I really need some advice. I live in NC and wanted to go Indiana State University. Well. recently the BON of NC decided that they will no longer recognize ISU. I was will to go to a border state to complete the program, but the BON recognizes Excelcior. Which I don't get because you get more clinical experience with ISU. That is the only thing that makes me nervous about Excelsior. Clinicals are 3 days which they call the CPNE. Pass or fail. What do you think ?
  5. l150

    Financing lpn to bsn

    Can anyone give tell how they are financing school ? I would like to do it without taking out new loans if I can .I am told I make to much for real aid (grants) and I have a lot of loans from before. I don't want to be paying loans back for the rest of my life.
  6. l150

    PMHNP programs all going from MSN to DNP?

    I think this absolutely nuts. I looked at what a PAs education and salary is . I wonder why they can have still only a masters degree and a nurse has to get to back to get a DNP, but the same or nearly the same pay. I am all for education and professionalism , but I find this outrageous and so should any fellow nurse.
  7. l150

    Attention PRN nurses

    I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I love the PRNs,they are actually like a breath of fresh air to me. I know the pettiness that you are speaking of. But that is usually FT against each other sadly. Where I am , the FT are at each others throatr and cant wait to RAT each other. No teamwork,etc,etc. It is so sad. I really used to like where I work. Now, I loathe it.
  8. My only advice is , if you take A&P through Excelsior, make sure the credits match other schools if you decide to get a higher ducation when done ( ex. BSN, MSN, PHD ). My friend didi this and was told she had to do A&P over because they wanted 8 credits and EC only rewarded 6.
  9. l150

    New DON encourages tattle-tails

    I have a DON that wants to know EVERYTHING. This DON is a major control freak , has favorites and has done some incivilbility. She constantly threatens jobs ,especially of good hard working staff, but her faves can do no wrong. No matter what they do or how much they mess up. I can go and on. The staff is finally sick of her. I hope your DON isn't this bad.
  10. l150

    Looking for advice! NP vs. MD

    I believe who ever said if you want t o be a MD , be a MD. If you want to be a NP , be one. I am also pursuing to be a NP. And like you I did pre-med, But sometimes life has a way of taking you in a different direction. I think someone said you don't have to be on call. Maybe where they work, but where I am , the NPs and PAs are on call. You should pursue , if you truly want to, to be an MD while you are this age and haven't the obligations of husband and babies. Now having said this, there are going to be some changes for NP. Soon ( not sure the exact ) you will need a PHD. Check with your state's board.That being my 2 cents. I wish you the best of luck .
  11. l150

    A Pre-nursing Student who believes...

    LOL. :lol2: . This so hilarious. When I was in school a lot of my fellow thought the same. There were people like you and I who tried to warn them. People think it's like on t.v. Well, guess what? Half of my class dropped during 1st clinical rotations. I do mean half. Some were even angry that they would have to actually touch a patient. Your classmate is in for a real shocker. Unless she works in a MD office or clinic, she is going to have to do it, AND even then it depends on what duties they expect from her. Does she think that she will have to never start an I.V. or get a urine specimen ? what will she do if the aide is tied up with another pt? Let them sit in thier pee, vomit, or poop until the aide can finally come around? Let her know where I live , it's considered neglect and depending where you live, her license will be suspended or taken. We have had new grads say that on our unit and guess what? They were warned that thier hands aren't any better than the aides and if you don't like , find another job. At least you have a grip on reality. I am sick of people like this coming into nursing.
  12. Could ladyinscrubs please post the study guides by Lippincott . Thanks
  13. l150

    Compassion or reality for obese patients?

    I am so glad you would not be my nurse. If you came in my room with that crap I would kick you out immediately. Do you honestly believe this ? You can give a reality check without a guilt trip. You will learn this when you become a good nurse.
  14. l150

    LVNs training RNs???

    It depends on what state you are operating in the scopes of practice for both. Someone said LPNs don't do PICCs. DEAD wrong. Where I work they can and IV pushes. You can't make generalizations thank you.
  15. l150

    LVNs training RNs???

    Wow, as many have said you have the right to be precepted right . But as a LPN I have precepted many RNs.But I can tell you when I first started my job, I was precepted by RNs , I had the same experience. I a lot of them did not want to be bothered about or questioned about the methods, routes or policies there. Many were offended when I would do procedures as taught in school ( the correct and sterile way). And I was told numrerous things wrong. I had WONDERFUL lpn preceptors and I must admit 2 RNs that were awesome also. I decided to do as taught in school, got a large notebook and copied procedures and policies and kept them in my locker or bag. I also attend continueing education classes to make sure that is the standard and questions are answered happily. :yeah:I don't think that you should go to the manager yet. Try some of these methods. But, at the next staff meeting you may want to address these concerns and maybe work on a team or put one together for correct and consistent training. Good luck !