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  1. Conz3434

    AA/CRNA advantages?

    Hello all, I was just reading up on the role of an Anesthesiology Assistant and I understand that the major difference is that they need supervision fr...
  2. Conz3434

    Job Security?

    Hello, I know that everyone always talks about the huge shortage of Anesthesia providers and how you will never be out of the job. However, a big issue to...
  3. Conz3434

    DNP required soon?

    Hello, The new entry level degree for Physical Therapists is the DPT (doctor of physical therapy). You better beleive that most if not all physical the...
  4. Conz3434

    What route did you go?

    Hey everyone, I've heard some talk on here as to whether or not going the BSN- then gettin expierence or ADN- expierence while getting BSN is the bett...
  5. Conz3434

    interview help-RosalindFranklin u

    I'm sorry, I can't help you out very much. However, I am a BSN student and I was looking at Rosalind Franklin for Anesthesia school. Did you find the applicatio...
  6. Conz3434

    Work during Nursing School???

    Thats great news. I would love to do it part-time while in school and then definetly in the summers when i'm home, since its a BSN program. How would I go about...
  7. Conz3434

    Work during Nursing School???

    Hello all, I am currently a BSN nursing student. I was wandering if I could work as a phlebotomist, or CNA during nursing school? I am willing to get ce...
  8. Conz3434

    Doctorate for Entry into Nurse Anesthesia by 2025

    I'm not sure! This is a very big deal. I wonder if CRNA programs will start to reform their degrees from MSN to DNP, or is the DNP something that must be done a...
  9. Conz3434

    DNP by 2025!

    AANA just announced their support for a mandatory practice doctorate for Nurse Anesthesia by 2025. I'm sure this will spark a great deal of opinions. There is s...
  10. Conz3434

    CRNA's Emotions

    I suppose that this is an attempt to dig a little deeper. We all hear about how great of a job a CRNA is, and how the hours are great, the pay is good, the peop...
  11. Conz3434

    CRNA salary in five years?

    Hello, Salary seems to be a big topic thats gets brought up pretty frequently on this board. CRNA salaries have gone up dramatically over the last few yea...
  12. Conz3434

    Pediatric CRNA?

    Hello Everyone, I was just wandering if there are any programs out there for CRNA's where you could specialize in a certain area of anesthesia such ...
  13. Conz3434

    CRNA Administrator?

    Hello everyone, I am currently a double major in nursing and business, kind of odd I know. I have aspirations to become a CRNA and hopefully a hos...