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UpliftingRN has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in getting it done.

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  1. UpliftingRN

    Paid Family Leave in NYS

    Hi fellow school nurses! Does anyone here have experience using Paid Family Leave in NYS? I am having a baby next month and my school has never utilized this benefit before (I had to tell them about it). Because of this HR is not very well versed....
  2. UpliftingRN

    The teachers are losing it!

    Hi all, hope everyone is doing the best they can during these unique times! I have a question regarding an observation I have noticed in my school since we returned from pandemic closure. The teachers in my school have been frequenting the nurse's ...
  3. UpliftingRN


    Same thing here in my NYC school *rolls eyes*
  4. UpliftingRN

    Toileting pre-k a nursing function?

    Unfortunately since my school is a private school we do not have the child care licensing requirement like the public schools do apparently. But we SHOULD.
  5. UpliftingRN

    Toileting pre-k a nursing function?

    It's so interesting to hear how this is handled so differently depending on the school. I did actually volunteer to do a training which the principal replied "yes that would have to be a whole other thing but in the meantime this is how we are going...
  6. UpliftingRN

    Toileting pre-k a nursing function?

    Oh, they used that excuse as well! This is a private school and apparently unless you have a "contract" perhaps everything falls on you. Where's my contract?! It's really a shame.
  7. UpliftingRN

    Toileting pre-k a nursing function?

    Hi all, Just polling how many school nurses assist/toilet students when they have accidents in school. I am the only nurse in my school and I had a huge back and forth about this with a pre-k teaching assistant (who adamantly defended they were...
  8. UpliftingRN

    tick tock....1 more sleep

    I'm sure my "new school nurse" sign is showing, but can someone tell me what sleep means in this instance?
  9. UpliftingRN


    Hey everyone! So I'm 2 months into my very first school nurse job and I'm loving it! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or resources for signs or posters that you hang up or distribute for student/teacher education such as the 5 B's for coming...
  10. UpliftingRN

    Do You Like Being A School Nurse?

    That's awesome! Is this a public school system in CA?
  11. UpliftingRN

    Updated Resource Guide

    Hi all, I was hoping you had some suggestions for an updated resource guide for a brand spanking new school nurse who needs a lot of brushing up on assessment skills, disease education, nursing indications and treatments for common situations fa...
  12. UpliftingRN

    Do You Like Being A School Nurse?

    93k for 184 days? What city is this in and what type of school? From what I’ve been reading this is astronomically higher than average school nursing pay. What is everyone else doing wrong?!
  13. UpliftingRN

    School nurse salary non-negotiable?

    Hi all, I was hoping I could get some feedback or personal experience with this topic from the collective group. Upon my initial offer from a private school I was told the salary was non-negotiable when I tried to counter offer. There is a Staff Asso...
  14. UpliftingRN

    1st School Nurse Interview

    I GOT AN OFFER! It is for $62,679 annually, paid out bi-monthly for the entire year for a 172 day school year. I'm getting nervous because I've never made this amount as an RN so I hoping this is a good offer? It's so hard to tell here in NYC ...
  15. UpliftingRN

    1st School Nurse Interview

    UPDATE! I had my interview yesterday with the administration and the RN Director and I think it went well. I forgot how intimidating principals were lol! They were really grilling me and picking apart my experience (which was lacking school or...
  16. UpliftingRN

    1st School Nurse Interview

    Thank you so much everyone for your insight and advice! My second interview is tomorrow with the RN Director of Nursing and the rest of the administration. I'm so full of excitement and nervousness at the thought of this new journey! I've never wo...