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  1. lpnnursingstudent33

    Racism in Nursing

    I am a Cardiac Monitor Technicican at the best facility in a suburban facility. I've been there 5 years. It used to be a big trauma center, but they had to merge with upmc so it is just a community hospital basically it is a nursing home with a E.R....
  2. lpnnursingstudent33

    A Healthy Increase in the Number of Blacks in Academic Nursing

    Yes i know that's right sister! Right now, i work for upmc in pa as a cardiac monitor tech. I'm studying to get my adn. then i plan on going straight to the top. I would like to go all the way up to a CRNA. I think we do have a lot of changes to make...
  3. lpnnursingstudent33

    Turning single parents into nurses

    I agree and there are programs out there for working families like this. The main point is there is a nursing shortage and the gov is trying to get people in the Nursing field any kind of way they can. Do you realize by the year 2010 that almost 1/2 ...
  4. lpnnursingstudent33

    Turning single parents into nurses

    Hello everyone, I am a single parent too and i think the program is excellent. Most of the programs don't just through you in the program because you are a single parent on welfare. You have to have an interest in the medical field. Or want to be...
  5. lpnnursingstudent33

    Net Test Issues

    hello friends, a couple of months ago i wrote and said i was taking the net test to get into the lpn st. margaret's program. well once again i'm wasn't accepted into the program because i didn't score high enough on the test. i neede...