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  1. Love316

    Any New/Just accepted student?

    I got my acceptance letter on my birthday which was great. Now, I'm very, very nervous about starting NS. This is something I have been dreaming about since I was 12 years old and now that it's here, it kind of feel unreal. I don't know what to do with myself. I've started reading the assignments that was given to last years nurses ( I'm sure the book has changed but not much) and it's hard for me to keep focus (This has never happen to me before). At times I feel over whelmed. I want to know what should I be doing until school starts in Sept.
  2. Love316


    Do you have to work as a LPN for one year before going to school for your RN's?
  3. Love316

    I have never been nasty to a student until now!!!

    I experienced a ED doctor and several nurses answering personal cell phone calls and talking on the phone while in the room with my grandmother coding. Needless to say their response was delayed due to the lack of focus. I do not believe cell phones should be used while you are on any hospital floor. This is very distracting and unprofessional. If you have an emergency, personal calls should go through the unit secretary. Don't forget, you are working to save lives and all focus should be on doing so. This can not be done if you are talking on the phone. Just think, would you want a nurse or a doctor working on you while she is answering/talking on her cell phone!
  4. Love316

    To work or not to work while in nursing school?

    Thanks momma&nurse2B. I will look into Sallie Mae, I know that the interest will be high. I just need enough to pay for the living expenses for one year. Once I graduate I will work to pay my loan off because my son will be going to college soon. My DH don't want me to stop working because my income right now pays a lot of the bills but I know I can't work and study the way that I need to. I want to do exceptionally well in nursing school.
  5. Love316

    To work or not to work while in nursing school?

    I really don't want to work while I'm in NS. Does anyone have information on what type of loan you can get to cover living expenses. I know it should be a private loan but through what bank? Most loans state they may only be used for educational costs.
  6. Love316

    How much does your tution cost?????

    At my locl CC the total tuition will be 11000 that is including books.
  7. Love316

    Huron School of Nursing

    I just want to know who may be going or who have gone to Huron School of Nursing? Please share your experiences.:welcome:
  8. Love316

    Chem Fall 2007

    I'm taking chem this fall and I need help. Our tutor center does not open until next week which is to late for any help with my homework. If any one can explain to me the step on how to solve this question I will be forever thankfull. The question is What dosage in grams per kilogram of body weight does a 130bl woman receive if she takes two 250mg tablets of penicillin? How many 125mg tablets should a 40lb child take to recieive the same dosage?
  9. Love316

    Going Back To Nursing School at 42

    I'm reading this and I'm amazed that I'm not the only one trying to accomplish something without the support of her husband. For some reason my husband feels that if I go back to school it will take away from the kids (age13, 7).... this may be true however my courses are when they are in school and study-time is for everyone. I'm pretty good with time management so I can plan to do special things when time allows. I think a year of sacrifice is way better than a life time of regret. Needless to say the only man I need supporting me is God so with him in front I'm going for it.
  10. Love316

    2nd degree students: How are you paying?

    I have the same concern. I'm looking to start school this Jan and I was not sure how to pay bills and school. I'm not getting much FA and I already have student loans from my first degree. My fear is accruing too much debt then once I finish school my entire paycheck will go to student loans. But I guess I have to do what I have to do in order to be become who I really want to be.:yelclap: