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  1. Seeking Nursing Employment in Germany

    Hi I am a Filipino nurse and has 4 year working experience as a clinical pediatric nurse in a tertiary hospital here in the Philippines. I am interested in seeking a nursing employment in Germany. Is it feasible for me? What are the academic and inte...
  2. Hope: Losing a Child

    nursedaddy-- that was very touching, going through the entire ordeal of frustrations, disappointments and momentary joy. But God allowed us to go through experiencing pain just so we could rejoice on how mysterious He is. Thanks for sharing
  3. Evaluation of Diabetic Nurse Specialists

    Hi classicdame, thanks. So it is more of a patient referral and constant tracking of your cases. Thanks.
  4. For Patrick

    The story still haunts me until now. Nursing involves nurturing and being in touch with all human emotions.
  5. Hope: Losing a Child

    "Hope" has inspired me to write this article. Many times I had witnessed those who hoped and fought for their child until the last breath. My salutation goes out to every parent who had let go and live for their lost child. Even though I am not a par...
  6. Evaluation of Diabetic Nurse Specialists

    Hi! I am a Nurse Researcher in a tertiary hospital in the Philippines. Currently, we have a Diabetic Nurse Core Group and we are required to conduct an appraisal or evaluation on the effectiveness of our core group on patient care and to develop a to...
  7. For Patrick

    He was indeed one of the sweetest patients I've ever cared for ever since he was transferred from Pay ward. Not once, did he complain all the agony and discomfort from needles ( as what I remember, since he never grumbled when I was the one injecting...
  8. Hope: Losing a Child

    Their stories were all congruent. In expectation, they have waited for their first born. They were once the typical parents who adorned their babies' small hands and feet or their velvety skin and round eyes--minutes after an arduous childbirth exper...
  9. Hello everyone!!! I am a Research Coordinator here in a tertiary hospital in the Philippines. My groupmates and I came up with the following topics and I am asking everyone to comment. We are still doing our review of literature, so your comments wou...
  10. How many got only 75 questions?

    hi, took mine last december 28. shut off at 75. 40+ prioritization, 2 select all and 2 computations... still waiting for the result.
  11. thanks suzanne and silver dragon.. question, the thread has been moved. where can i access the replies on my thread.
  12. Hi im a newbie here but I'm a big fan of this online community. I would want to commend the moderators and threaders of allnurses.com for providing a support system for every aspiring successful nurses. I'm 22 years old, a Filipino pediatric nurse wh...