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  1. gabrield

    Reach your Goal!

    Documents needed can be checked while filling up the application. The cert of good standing need tocome from the licensing body. PRC if u r currently working in the phils. COE with 2 years experience is needed. U can visit هيئة Øلصحة - أبوظبي or download the pqr linkhttp://www.haad.ae/HAAD/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=2K19llpB6jc%3d&tabid=927
  2. gabrield

    Reach your Goal!

    I am on the process of haad license application. In fact, I just sent my application last 23rd of oct. Here's the advise of my PRO and Haad peraonnel whom I ask when I attended a nursing conference. 1. Apply for dataflow. Once completed after 30 days. You will receive a username and password from the HAAD. 2. Log in to the link sent to ur email with that username and password and complete all the necessary documents and upload most importantly u should have a good standing certificate. 3. Submit ur application. And wait for their response. Don't forget to pray in everything u do.
  3. gabrield

    Reach your Goal!

    To apply as a hc nurse, you must have HAAD license. Visit هيئة Øلصحة - أبوظبي and go for the examination. First you have to verify your documents with and pay the fees with haad and dataflowgroup.com before you can file for the examination
  4. Hi Carl, I've read your post. How's your job now? I am working as a Admin Clinical Nurse Supervisor in a Home Health Care setting, and we have an approaching electonic record plan. Since I am also the techie guy here, they are planning me to put in that position. I found it as another opportunity for me since I really enjoy working in a computer, technology/ combined nursing. What can you suggest for me to do? Not sure about the EMR software that we will use but I am really excited to work as Nursing Informaticist. Based on your previous post, you become the superuser of Soarian, would you suggest the same thing to me as a Superuser? I think there will be a great difference for Home Health set up. Any advice? Thanks, Gab
  5. gabrield

    Specialties for Male in Nursing

    Currently working as a Clinical supervisor. I am interested to do the Nursing Informatics role. Just trying to search what it is all about..
  6. gabrield

    Specialties for Male in Nursing

    Any Ideas of specialties available for male in nursing? I am working here in UAE and Men in Nursing have limited jobs specially in Home Health. Other Men in Nursing here are working in Industrial and as Paramedics. Seldom are working in clinics due to Culture issues.
  7. gabrield

    Reach your Goal!

    It's been so long since I've been here in allnurses.com. How are you? I am now here in Abu dhabi working as a Home Health Care Nurse, I didn't pass my HAAD Exam last year, but I have a MOH License, waiting for the Unification of Licenses in UAE. Currently promoted as a Clinical Supervisor after my 2 years of contract.
  8. gabrield

    Interview of a nurse informatics specialist

    Hi, I am a Nurse and somehow techie,. I am working as a team leader in a home healthcare setting. I am reading posts and searching about nursing informatics. I think I can be a nurse informaticist/informatics. any recommendations on how to? for a newbie like me? thanks
  9. gabrield

    Reach your Goal!

    I graduated year 2007, and tried to apply to almost all hospitals, private and government, did a 3 mos volunteer experience at EAMC, tried to applied for other jobs but out of luck. then luckily just referred by a neighbor to a clinic and atleast landed a job there working 3-5 times per week and do that for a year and a half, still struggling for a hospital based work. 3 years after I graduated and still it is difficult to find a work there in PH so I Made up my mind and with the help of my brother invited me to come here in UAE. found a work here as dental assistant with a kuripot employer earning around 14k peso amount and i paid everything, worked for 1 year. took a nursing MOH Licensure here for nurses, passed it decided to find another job. in Gods' grace I got a a job in homecare based under a private company and earning around 50k peso. not bad. currently striving to pass the HAAD Exam for better opportunities. Fellow nurses. It is 6 years now since I graduated and seems that still employment opportunities there in PH are difficult. Think. Have faith. Aim High. Achieved your Goal. Pray Hard. God Bless.
  10. gabrield

    New nurse / new to HH / tons of questions

    I also worked Homecare based but here in Middles East, the family took supplies from the hospital, everything is given monthly. about the pay, we are getting a minimum of $1,370 per month free transpo and allowance, 48 hours per week schedule.
  11. gabrield

    ex saudi nurse to dubai requirements

    make sure you have your certificate of employment secured there in SAUDI,. a lot of nurses came from other country have problem on their working experience certificate because they worked as a nurse but don't have a license back there, and when they came here and their exp was verified, they got rejected.
  12. gabrield

    DHA nursing exam

    are you in dubai or in phils? DHA from what I heard is easier now, compared before you need to sit for panel interview. now it is computer based and 75 items of question only.
  13. gabrield

    exemption on haad exam

    I haven't read about that on haad.ae website. but for MOH License you are exempted for the exam. they will just evaluate your reference, the university, experience atleast 1000 hours and your valid license from the prc
  14. gabrield

    HAAD RN exam tips

    Anyone here who just took the exam? Any topics from the exam and your study materials? Thanks
  15. gabrield

    HAAD exam .. need help?

    I hope we will pass! I am using saunders 5th edition comprehensive Q and A in my laptop, I have a book but I will take the exam this last week of the month. God Bless!