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  1. rileysmom

    Are there many opeingings in the . . .

    No I am not an RN yet. I havent even started school. I justed to feel the area out before I decide what I want to do. Do you know if hospitals in the area use LPN's on the postpartum unit?
  2. Can I ask what are NRP & BLS?
  3. rileysmom

    Need some clarifiation please

    Thanks for all your help. You have been VERY helpful!!
  4. rileysmom

    Does is matter where you go to school?

    Thank You!
  5. rileysmom

    Need some clarifiation please

    Thanks for the breakdown. DO you have to be a LPN or CNA before you can be and RN?
  6. Labor & Delivery/Pstparum departments in the St. Louis area? This is really the area of nursing I want to persue but want to see what the market is like first. Thanks Lisa
  7. Can someone tell me what licensure/schooling I would need to work in the postpartum area?
  8. rileysmom

    Need some clarifiation please

    What are the main differences between LPN, CNA & RN?
  9. I am really thinking nursing is the career I want to persue. So my question is does it matter where or what school I attend? Like can I go to communty college/vocational school? Or would it help me more in the future if I go to a school with a good name. Does that make sense? I am trying to figure out where to start. Thanks Lisa