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  1. sgregory0020

    getting reported to the board of nursing

    Hello I would like to know if anyone has any insight on being reported to the nursing board for verbal abuse to a resident the patient wasn't hurt nor did she hear the staff member but another staff member reported to the DON and the person got fired and they are reporting it to the board of nursing could this mean that nurse would lose her licenses?
  2. sgregory0020

    funny handwashing project

    If their ideas on how to present a funny way to teach handwashing i would like to hear your ideas. I cant think of nothing that would be presentable. thanks
  3. sgregory0020

    Thank God its over......I

    :up::up:Congrats 2 u!!!!:redbeathe:up::up:
  4. sgregory0020

    Chemistry Fall 2008

    Im In to for the Fall semster-also taking eng 112 and spanish 101!! Praying for A's!!!! Good Luck to All!!!:wink2:
  5. sgregory0020

    chem- Fall 08

    Hello, Just wanted to know if any one is taking chem 01 at j sargent reynolds for the fall 08 semster and which teacher is best for this course! Thanks:nuke:
  6. sgregory0020

    RN degree at J Sargent Reynolds

    I just wanted to knowif there are any recent atudents that are in the RN program now and besides studying what else could help me with the beginng of nrsing class like what is NUR 111 all about and is it good that im an CNA already and have een doing it fior about 4 years.:spin: Also what is the name of the text that you are using.
  7. sgregory0020

    Changing a patient's diaper while they are standing ?

    Hello I havent been on here in a while but the post are just as interesting as before my comment on this is yes I am A CNA and a goodone I might add. Yes, I have stood res. that are capable of standing to change them. But only iff they agree to it. They are always changes in a bathroom to give them the respect that is greatly needed. Res. in long term care need there diginty because you have to aks yourself how would you feel if you were in there postion. I think all long term care facility need a monthly survey on how they (res) and family members are treated because the staff can also abuse the family members by ignoring them. I must admit that long term care facilities need to be look into more because where I work I have res they see me when i come in and they tell me everything that has been done to them whether it be good or bad. I have some just tell me thank you for coming to work cause I really missed you. This is the reason as to why I have decided to continue my education so that I can help more in someone's life. I love my job and yes it can be very stressful but just one thank you and several smiles sends that away. Love and respect is a greatly appreciated to those in need of it.
  8. sgregory0020

    Your best/worst experience.

    hello just wantes to say that being a CNA has its ups and down bit for me I think my ups have been great ups and downs I have to say that my worst is when you get close to a res/patient and then they expire on you. This has happened to me several times and i know you are nit suppose to get that close to them but seeing someone everyday and taking care of them I think if you are human you are going to get connected to them. I have been a CNA for 3 years and it stills get to me when one of my res/pts expire because they mean so much to me. I have found that when you are having a bad day that it only takes one res/pt to tell you something and it brightens your whole day and sometimes I even cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yes I love my job and getting poop on me it part of it but I always keep a change of clothes in my locker just in case.:balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::monkeydance::monkeydance::monkeydance:
  9. sgregory0020

    Need help assignment

    What is a good IPR (Interpersonal Process Report)? Any good suggestions anyone?
  10. sgregory0020

    Critique this for me please all!

    Hello Please look over this and tell me what I am missing! thank you all!!!!!!!! I attached it as an attachment!!!!!!!!! Nursing Diagnosis for alz's.doc
  11. sgregory0020

    Anemia pt.

    I need so help with a diagnoses and some intervention for an anemia pt. Please help me with this! Thanks
  12. sgregory0020

    cna's who don't do their job

    Hello I understand what you mean I had a resident that was walking around going to the bathroom and just because they had to keep their eye on her, they thought she waas a fall risk and put her in a chair with a lap pillow on it so that she would have to stay in the chair, then she got use to being in the chair an now she cant even keep a steady gait oh also they put her in briefs. It hurts to see them lose their abilities to suit others.
  13. sgregory0020

    Human Anatomy / A&P I Club for Fall 2007

    I am having trouble with one question maybe someone can help me with it? Here it goes, What happens in cells when energy input exceeds energy output? When energy output exceeds energy input? Help !!!!!!!!!! I have looked for this answer and I cant find it or I just cant comprehend what he wants to know!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. sgregory0020

    Calling All CNA's!

    Hello Been a CNA fro 3.5 years and love it, I work in a LTC unit but i think its better because I know who i will be working with. CNA works hard an sometime we dont get the respec thats due but when you feel that way my motto is just tell people how you feel and know that what you do is important and give all the glory to your residents and god cause he can always make your day better.
  15. sgregory0020

    CNA in NC not accepted in TN

    Hello everyone this is the case also for us in VA I was told that I would have to retake the test again to practice nurse aide in NC! Dur to the fact that they have different standards for the CNA course.
  16. sgregory0020

    test questions...

    I think that C was the correst answer because i was told that you do not take any money of any kind but you have to br polite and kind with your refusal of taking it. I think it was just a kind way to refuse.:uhoh21: