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    New Jersey New Grads, RN

    Trinitas in Elizabeth has new grad bridge program. They ussally do it twice a yr, by the time the program starts you have to have your liecence. I started it the end of july. I feel once i get my year in more thing will open up with a yr experience. Good luck
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    Try looking at this site http://www.vue.com/nclex/contact/
  3. I just started at Trinitas in Elizabeth, supose to be 9th best place to work in NJ. I have no idea yet since i am a new grad. So far in my bridge program i am on my second wk and its all been classroom so far. next 2 wks will be on floor with nurse educators. then start on shif we were hired for with preceptor. the pay is better than area i live, brick toms river area. 29.hr with a 2:50 shift diff. I will know more next week as time goes by.:spin:
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    Trinitas or Mountainside?

    I think nursing schools everywhere put you threw hell. I just graduate from Ocean County College. I think its just the way they teach nurses.
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    South Jersey Salary Rate

    I went to Ocean County College, and hospitals here pay new grads 24hr. I desided to go north over the bridge I am getting 29. and with my shift diff 31.50 hr going up to 32. in a few wks. I'm a new grad and in a bridge program at trinitas.
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    $$$ Has the Salary Gotten Better in North Jersey??

    I just started at Trinitas in Elizabeth, they start new grads at 29. and with my shift diff its 31.50 hr. I live farther south about hr and they only start new grads at 24. I also heard they are the lower payers of the area.:spin:
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    looking for live NCLEX review in NJ

    I did Kaplan in NJ, Helped me, passed with75 questions.
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    How many of us 30 somethings are out there?

    Well i'm not 30 somthing but 40 something. I'm 42, graduated in may and on my second wk of orientation for my new job. In my class there where quite a few 30's and 40's and a few in 50's.
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    I failed my NCLEX, any suggestions!?

    I was told by a professor to do 3000 questions, i think i did close to that. Kaplan prepaired me the best. I did the in class along with the online. Also Learning ext.
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    What # of questions did u pass the NCLEX with?

    I shut off at 75, had friends shut off at 130 and 256 and they passed also.
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    Passed NCLEX!!!

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    265 and I passed!!

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    Taking the NCLEX tomorrow!

    Good luck, breath, you can do it.:spin:
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    Ideas for scrapbooking the NS adventure?

    I was going to take everyones pictures for all my clinical groups, started first semester and said to say it was last pic's till graduation. hope you can do it sounds like it would be nice remeberance.
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    Ocean County Community College

    I just graduated from OCC in may, just took my boards, passed with 75 questions and so far none of my classmates have failed. Hard as hell on you, but i did it.
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    No GN law, does it turn you off jersey?

    Its sad to say but they are like that here. I just graduated from Ocean County College. Many of the students down here are already techs and they have first dibs on those jobs. They said it should be better in the fall. I decided to go north of the bridge and was hired in a new graduate position. But it had condition i had to pass my boards. And happily I just found out yesterday i did. Open houses may be way to go. Few of my classmates where hired that way. Good luck.
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    I passed

    :balloons:congratulations!!! :balloons:
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    **help!!!! Please Help!!! I Just Took My Nclex!!**

    Have faith , just got my results felt the same way and i passed.:spin:
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    Things to do while awaiting NCLEX results

    wanted to sit and play my comuter games but couldnt sit still till i got my results. Got mine yesterday now have 3 novels i bought. Maybe i can get them read before i start work on the 30th.:balloons:
  20. prioritization and meds, Kaplan did me good. passed with 75 questions and i felt like i failed. good luck
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    I passed I passed yay yay yay

    Me to! went out and bought 3 novels to read lol! :balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons:
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    do Kaplan, expensive but they covered what you need to know and how to answer the questions. I think if i didnt do it i would of never passed. I also sujest before kaplan do the learning ext to review content then Kaplan to learn how to answer the questions. They have many tips and tricks how do them.
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    Took NCLEX - What Went Wrong?

    i just took test, felt it was very hard, I think if i didn't do the Kaplan i wouldnt of passed, they stressed prioritzation which i was lacking in my schooling. As for them meds, i had no idea, didnt see any of them in my reviews. I thought i failed.
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    TIPS/Info for passing NCLEX

    I just found out i passed with 75 questions, I did Kaplan then used the http://www.learningext.com/ website which i thought was a great content review. But Kaplan prepaired me for all the prioritizing questions and tips. Which was most of my test. S/S of meds with learning ext was good but still didnt prepair me for the ones i got. Good luck