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  1. youngandnursing

    Bad news about TCC RN program

    Hello all, I am an LPN and am currently getting my prereqs at TCC. I was pretty sure I would go into TCC's LPN-RN bridge but recently I had a conversation with 5 students from TCC's generic RN program and they told me essentially to "Run" from the program. Telling me the professors are extremely rude and belittling to their students, the program is extremely hard, and some went as far to say that they felt like they should have earned a masters degree for the amount of knowledge and stress they went through just to get an associates. Please help, is this true? I am thinking about not doing TCC now and going back to my original plan of going to OU LPN-BSN.
  2. youngandnursing

    ER position at Hillcrest

    Man, I have to say the training they do at Hillcrest is above and beyond anything I've seen. Orientation= 4 days pure classroom time, two big handbooks, all day, they feed you breakfast and lunch (we had brisket and chicken, goooooooooood food!). Then when I get out on the floor, they really ease you in, watch for a couple days then gradually work you into working independently. Doing minor care emergency, my orientation is a bit shorter, but I get to take ACLS, PALS, Dysrrythmias, Splinting, etc... AWESOME place to work so far! I am very impressed. :)
  3. youngandnursing

    lpn to bsn @ ou tulsa - questions

    Last time I checked, my license said "Licensed Practical NURSE". Not tryin' to make waves, but please be respectful of your fellow nurse, whether LPN or RN....
  4. youngandnursing

    ER position at Hillcrest

    I GOT THE JOB:yeah:I'll be working Minor Care Emergency, but still, it's my foot in!!!
  5. youngandnursing

    ER position at Hillcrest

    Hello. I am an LPN who graduated in Decemeber 2008 from Tulsa Tech. I have had about 7months experience as an actual nurse working home health and agency, beforehand I was a medical assistant.... Anyway, I have an interview with Hillcrest Medical Center for a position in the Emergency Department and I was wondering if you all would give me some pointers for a successful interview. I really really want the job, especially because I hear they have a 16 week orientation which would be AWESOME. The only thing is, I am REALLY surprised they called me, I was under the impression they only want experienced nurses in the ER. Do I really have a chance or is this another interview in which they'll hand me the "you need more experience" card?