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proclivity has 2 years experience and specializes in SICU.

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  1. proclivity

    Location vs. Program Ranking

    I find location to be important when i am buying a house, not when i am going to school. I would like to live in Miami for a couple of years, however, you may as well like in Northern Cananda as you'll only be inside studying anyhow. At least i would hope so, I would want my CRNA hitting the books pretty darn hard.
  2. proclivity

    **Aspiring CRNAs....Did YOU like working in the ICU?**

    to OP, nope didn't like it at all.
  3. proclivity

    I'm Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i suppose a congratulations is in order, eh?
  4. proclivity

    Study Guide For CRNA Interview

    study guide for questions they will ask you, i presume......i imagine a ccrn book would be best but if you're gonna do that, why don't you study, take the test, pass and then go to the interview? Not like you can do it in a week....but i am sure you could in 2 mos or less.
  5. proclivity

    CRNAs working in Boston

    Go work at Mass. General.......that way it would be a tad easier to publish in NEJM.
  6. proclivity

    Organic Chemistry? HELP!

    Sorry, missed the last part of your statement. I think it is because you would have a hell of a lot less nurses applying, completing their degree, graduating etc. that would only make things worse. IMO.
  7. proclivity

    CRNA with an actual PhD

    Hey RedCell and others reading this thread........after getting through the "Report of the AANA Task Force on Doctoral Preparation of Nurse Anesthetists" (which, by the way, had entirely too small of a sample size.....so take it with fair sized grain of salt), i am starting to understand more point of views on the subject. I think it is very important to understand where everyone is coming from on the subject, including but not limited to the crna schools, the -ologists, the currently practicing crnas with no masters as well as those with masters degrees (concerning being grandfathered in), current crna students, new grads (concerning going back to school) and me, of course. I would recommend the read to everyone here. It has some interesting points. A couple of things that i read i would like to point out. This comments is completely asinine and will only cause more of a rift between nurses and docs....the comment went something like this: CRNA school is like doing medical school and residency in 2 years. Now, i know it is only one comment, but it is comments like these that can sour the relationships between entire anesthesia groups. Personally, i think that there should be stratification regarding pay and or benefits for crnas with any sort of post masters degree.....seems like good old capitalism will bring us that way anyhow. comments?
  8. proclivity

    Organic Chemistry? HELP!

    because a BSN has nearly nothing in common with more mainstream science majors. math- minimal, you may have even tested out of the requirement inorganic chemistry- one class usually physics- almost universally not required stats- one class organic chemistry- not required at all biochem- usually not required for BSN I think it is safe to say that a BSN is not a science major.
  9. proclivity

    Am I Too OLD???????????

    nope, don't too late! just playin'........seriously though, you could be a CRNA and retire by the time that some people graduate crna school.
  10. proclivity

    Stressing over GRE scores

    new scale coming....... http://www.ets.org/Media/Newsletters/GRE/2006/0601_scale.html .....but by the looks of your score and the previous scale...you only need about 10 more questions correct to get to about a 930 and 15 more to get above a grand. I am sure there are very easy things to correct in your previous test, like trig and geometry or learning a new word per day. I get a new word per day from merriam-webster. easy to do and you can always save the words in a new folder. Seriously, how many times a day do you check your e-mail.....come on, tell the truth now..... http://www.merriam-webster.com/word/subscribe.htm
  11. proclivity

    CRNA with an actual PhD

    I have come to the personal understanding that the DNAP is a complete joke and will provide nothing.......in the way of anything. I have also come to understand that if i want to love what i do and love why i do it, i will need an actual PhD and not a DNAP.......CHEMISTRY ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!!!!:heartbeat:D:yeah:
  12. proclivity

    Someone ahead of...

    you could probably get a shift in per week.....probably wouldn't be a good idea to push it since the training is intense for a reason. even better would be to get a feel for the workload at your school and then decide how much you can work. remember, you aren't the first to work while in crna school and you won't be the last.
  13. proclivity

    CRNA with an actual PhD

    I'm not talking about a DNAP, i'm talking about a PhD in physiology or pharmacology, biochemistry that could be useful and lucrative. You attend PhD classes during or after your MS is completed. Has anyone completed any of these programs?....and if so, please describe it for us as i am interested in finding out as much as i can about them. Also, please let us know if you took PhD classes during your MS degree or waited, whether you went full time or part time and whatever other basics you can think of and how it has helped you in clinical practice setting.
  14. proclivity

    Starting in ICU next week as a CNA

    good luck....and pick the nurses and doc brains.....they'll like it and you'll benefit.
  15. proclivity

    Best GRE study guide?

    pencil, paper, dictionary/thesaurus and trig/geometry book. that should get you a 1300 easy.......oh, and some C8H10N4O2......lots of it!
  16. proclivity

    CRNA in Air Force vs Army vs Navy

    Captain, Do you have any idea why the levels of autonomy are so different? Also, do you know what type of autonomy it is.....say procedural, like floating a swan in the Navy and not in the Airforce, or maybe being able to do emergent trauma anesthesia in one branch and not the other? Just curious.....I am not surprised to see that the levels of autonomy are present, rather i am surprised that they differ by a magnitude great enough for it to be considered when choosing a branch.