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  1. jkpowell23

    Whats a good GRE score?

    Thanks for your response SydneyJo1. That makes me feel a little better. Retaking that torturous thing would be my worst nightmare.
  2. jkpowell23

    Whats a good GRE score?

    I just got back from taking the GRE. I was previously at a school that didn't require it (USA), and am trying to transfer to a different university that requires it. I called the new school, and she said they don't publish a 'required' score... the whole portfolio goes before a review board. Needless to say, I'm a wreck. I didn't KNOW the answer to ONE SINGLE math problem. My scores were Verbal 610 and Quant 560. I felt pretty good about the verbal and the essay... But was ready to walk out during the quant section. Any ideas on whether or not I can relax? My GPA is a 3.6 undergrad and 3.2 graduate (work completed). Thanks!
  3. jkpowell23

    Grad School Roll Call for Spring 11

    1. Name your school: University of Mississippi Medical Center 2. Degree you will be working on (including specialty):MSN, PMHNP 3. whether you will be working full time, part time, or not working at all: full time 4. Will you be attending part time or full time: ('ve already completed most of my 'core' classes and will be finishing up at a different school, so I don't know how that's gonna work just yet! 5. And any other pertinent info
  4. Ok, freaked out is a bit of an understatement. I'm a nervous wreck. I'm in an online FNP program (University of South Alabama) and I am feeling a little alone. I have to find preceptors, get contracts signed, and dive into clinicals all within the next month. I also need to go and buy some 'professional' clothes and labcoats. I guess I'm just a bit overwhelmed. I've been doing didactics only for the past year, but I in NO WAY feel ready for clinicals. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or encouragement? I'm such a wreck... Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!
  5. jkpowell23

    Psych nurse practitioner

    I'm in the middle of a FNP program and was looking at the government job listings... They were mainly Psych NP jobs! The PsychNP jobs were paying more than any of the others too (about 90k). If you're willing to relocate, it seems like a smart thing to do! Good luck!
  6. jkpowell23

    Tools of the trade?

    Ok, I'll admit... I'm a bit of a technophobe. So is my hubby. We just got texting capabilities on our cellphones! (only because our 17 year old and 12 year old were begging like maniacs). ANYWAY, I'm reading about all these helpful 'apps' such as epocrates.. And, well, I'm lost. Our cell phone contract expires in June, so I'm going to hit hubby up to buy me the 'big guns' so to speak. But I need to be armed with all the good/relevant info. I'm going to be starting FNP clinicals this fall, and I want/need the appropriate tools. I'm nervous enough as it is! I need some recommendations please! Thank you!
  7. jkpowell23

    Question for Psych-Mental Health NPs

    I am seriously considering switching my course of studies from FNP to Psych NP. I've got 5 years of nursing experience, none of it in psych. Does this put me at an extreme disadvantage? Also, how is the job market for PsyNP's? I don't know any myself, and am scared that I will be investing big $$$ and be unable to find employment. This is the first time I've been really excited about something since starting school for my NP degree. I will be beginning clinicals this fall, so I need to make a decision. Thanks so much for your insight!!
  8. jkpowell23

    What program is eveyone in and what semester?

    This is my first time posting. I'm in a BSN program at the University of Southern Mississippi. I'm in my first semester of my jr. year (finally to the actual nursing stuff! yay!). I'm really overwhelmed. My instructors seem like they want us to fail.. I hope it gets better.