South Alabama Students, I need help

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I just recently dropped my classes for this semester!! I dropped the FNP program halfway through the first clinical semester. I am going to begin classes (I'm aiming for spring) at University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson to get my PMHNP!! I'm thrilled!!

What I need help with is the new school wants syllabi from certain classes to compare with their classes. I don't have any syllabi saved anywhere!!!

If you have a copy, or know anyone who does, I'd be VERY greatful!!

These are the ones I need:

NU 506 Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing

NU 508 Advance Nursing Leadership Roles and Concepts

NU 513 Advanced Nursing Research

Your help is greatly appreciated!!


Julie--send me your email to my inbox....We talked at length about the program..good luck with UMC. I bet Bev has the syllabi--didn't you talk to her? If she doesn't--I can prob. get them for you.

I did try to email her, but I never got a reply! Any help you can give me is appreciated. Going to PM you now!

Thank you!!!


I just got accepted to South Alabama, and you got me worried. I start in the spring.. and I live in Jackson

what PMHNP stand for.. (what kind of NP)

any words of wisdom, or the online class did not agree with you?



If you are going FNP, Inbox me...I am grad. from there...It's been ROCKY at best...can give you some ideas.

Julie--I would email the individual instructors that you have they will send you a syllabus.


Blessedx3 I am trying to contact you.. if you find my inbox go ahead an email me..


Hi Blessedx3,

I'm worried too since I'm going to start my fnp program at USA in 2011 spring. Would you please tell me about it? Do you have used textbooks that you want to get rid of ? Thanks!

Blessedx3, are the instructors helpful? any thoughts or advice for attending USA online FNP program? I'm eager to know. Thank you.

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Hi Blessedx3, I am currently in USA's FNP program and I graduate December 2011. Three more semesters, counting down. However, class is soooo hard. I see that you are a graduate from USA in their FNP, please, what pointers can you give me. I read everything and just am not happy with my grades. Please, can you guide me in some direction? I just don't know what to focus on. I am just teaching myself and it is very fustrating. I don't feel comfortable with a lot of things. Most importantly, I do want to keep my GPA up so I can obtain my doctorate. Please, any help or suggestions are welcomed. You can email me at [email protected]. Thanks.

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