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  1. Nurse Beth, I am desperate for any insight and would really appreciate some knowledge from you if you know anyone who’s gone through this or going through this! 

    So when I was younger, around 8 years ago I got arrested for domestic violence while arguing drunk with an ex boyfriend - DUMB - cops called, etc. All charges were dismissed and I was not convicted of anything, no felony. Nothing. I also got arrested for a public disturbance charge - same outcome, no criminal record, all dismissed, etc. 

    Fast forward to now -  went through LPNschool, passed my boards, disclosed all arrests and outcomes, supplied supporting paperwork/narratives/dispositions etc. Now waiting to hear from the board. 

    Needless to say, I am so nervous about what they’re going to say! I’m terrified of them subjecting me to RAMP. I’m terrier of them keeping my license from me. I have plans to start RN school soon, will this still happen a second time around? Should I get my record expunged since I was not convicted of any crimes? I just am at a loss. Please help! 


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