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  1. deliverator

    VA Hospitals

    I work at the VA in Long Beach as an RN. 7+ years, currently making over $100k. It depends on your lifestyle and where you choose to live. The pay is pretty good compared to the cost of living. I live in Orange County near the beach, so cost of housing is definitely more than other areas. I don't know if we will be getting a COLA raise this year due to Trump wanting to cut federal pay raises across the board. I am an NP and work in a private family practice clinic part time and make less than what I make as an RN at the VA. Want to get into Aesthetic Medicine as an NP, something the VA doesn't offer.
  2. deliverator

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    I was talking to my nurse manager to here at the Long Beach VA Hospital about the NPSB. She sits on the NPSB board here and she informed me that they are getting rid of the board starting in August. Meaning that a board will no longer vote on promotions. The direct nurse manager will be the one to promote a nurse to nurse II. Also, for Nurse III promotions, the Chief Nurse Executive will be the one reviewing the proficiencies and candidates for promotion to Nurse III and will be the one doing the promotions. You still have to meet all the practice standards, but it will no longer be a board committee vote.
  3. deliverator

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    I understand this frustration about writing my own proficiency for promotion as well. And it's that time of year again that I dread where my manager asks for my proficiency. I finally got my Nurse II after 5 years at the VA. I understand that some nurses stay Nurse I their entire careers at the VA. A coworker I started with (she was a new grad BSN and I had 2 years previous experience in 2011) is now our patient care service chief at a Nurse IV or V. I don't care for getting my Nurse III at this time. I just finished my MSN-FNP program this month and will be applying to primary care as an NP (I want to be a clinician, not a manager). I agree that it's all about who you know and how well you get along with those in the position to advocate for you. Good luck to you all going for your Nurse III.
  4. deliverator

    new grad relocating to LA county

    Hi sbonve1, You can't practice medicine until you match with a residency program. Good luck in matching. By the way, this is a nursing forum. Not many nurses would probably know the answer to this question. I've been reading stories recently about new grad MDs from south pacific and carribean medical schools who have their licenses but are unable to match into a residency program. Some have gone back to school to be RNs.
  5. deliverator

    New Grad Relocating to SD from East Coast; is it Possible?

    if you are a veteran, apply to the VA Hospital in San Diego. They give preference to Veterans over civilian applicants. Also, if you are currently a reservist, think about the Navy Nurse Corp. Also look into the Naval Medical Center as well. I have co workers who are reservists work there during their military time. The VA does pay for military time, and you get paid for your reservist time as well - double dipping.
  6. deliverator

    Relocating to Southern California

    The Long Beach VA is always hiring experienced ICU nurses. See job posting here: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/457259500/ Start early if you decide to apply to the VA. Federal government HR is notoriously slow in the hiring process. Also check out the greater Los Angeles VA. From expeirence, it's easier getting a job at the VA than it is at Kaiser. there is a VA in San Diego, Lima Linda, Long Beach, and Los Angeles, with multiple CBOCs. So you do have choices in areas to live. And if you want to move to another state again, the VA is the largest hospital system in the United States with hospitals in every major city in the country.
  7. Just apply To the unit of your choice. HowEver, the unit that is always hiring is Spinal Cord Injury. HR hasn't updated. We have a fresh new grad that got hired to our unit, she didn't see the 1 year requirement but got hired and the said the 1 year requirement was No longer necesssary. This was confirmed with management.
  8. Hi everyone, Our new nurse executive has dropped the 1 year experience requirement and is hiring RNs with no experience to years of experience. There is no more "new grad" program. Training is unit based with the staff and nurse educator. www.usajobs.gov
  9. I just want to let everyone know that the Long Beach VA Hospital is hiring RNs. Our new nurse executive has dropped the 1 year experience requirement, so the doors are wide open. There is no "new grad" program. Training is on the unit of hire with sessions with the department nurse educator. WWW.USAJOBS.GOV
  10. Have you looked at Charles Drew's MSN-FNP program? It's accredited and has a really high pass rate on the FNP boards. It's accelerated at 16 months. I'm almost done and it's been a great program. Tuition is high, but probably not as expensive as USC.
  11. deliverator

    So frustrated I want to cry

    Have you tried all the providers in your clinical note entry program (Typhon, e-medley)? I remember I cried my 2nd semester of NP school because I couldn't find a preceptor for primary care adult. 3rd semester I had to find OB/Women's Health and Peds. As a male, finding a women's health preceptorship is hard. I ended up doing it at the women's health clinic in my hospital. However for Peds, I took our Typhon preceptor list and just went down the list of all PNPs and pediatricians in the area. On my first day of office visiting, front desk just asked me for my resumes and never spoke to a doctor. The 2nd day, I had 20 offices lined up for a round trip day of 100 miles of driving. The first stop at a private practice pediatrician, she accepted me on the spot for a next day start. I was floored. I'm still at her office now for my practicum as my adult primary care preceptorship at my hospital is being setup (the VA takes forever). Have you talked to any the of pediatricians at your hospital? Front office staff is so hard to get past and some are just plain mean. If you can't find anything, you need to get your school to help you out.
  12. deliverator

    VA 72/80 schedule

    Has anything come of this at the Las Vegas VA? I work at the Long Beach VA and would like to get this work schedule for myself if it is possible to work out with HR and my manager. The additional 8hr shift throws everyone off on our unit when the 8hr person(s) leaves, disrupting continuity of care.
  13. deliverator

    CSULB Nursing - Spring 2014

    It depends on how you study and learn material. Do you need your professor to read to you directly from a PowerPoint presentation of the material? Or are you able to do that yourself? I just finished my masters courses in pathophysiology and pharm and I can tell you I could have done without sitting through lecture having my professors read verbatim from PowerPoint slides. There are a lot of online resources for studying for these subjects. Flash cards help tremendously. There are also a lot of practice tests and quizzes online as well. Don't worry about the nclex-rn now. You have a lot of time later to think about the nclex-rn and what you need to remember for when you become a RN.
  14. deliverator

    CSULB Nursing - Spring 2014

    if money isn't an issue and if you want to make your program lighter, take pathophys and pharm before you start your program. two less classes to worry about. I did all my bsn pre-reqs at golden west college before I started my RN degree at GWC, so when it came time to get my BSN, I only did BSN relevant nursing classes. However, prior to getting my nursing degree, I had a bachelors degree in another field, so I had all my common core education requirements filled. anyways, if you go for your MSN, you're going to have to take pharm and pathophysiology all over again.
  15. deliverator

    VA Clinical Ladder

    Hopefully to revive a long silent topic and with the same issues on promotion for nurses in the Dept of Veterans Affairs. I've worked at the Long Beach VA since July of 2011. While there, I've gotten my BSN, and now I'm currently working on my MSN and FNP. Before starting at the VA, I've had experience working as a telemetry nurse for 2 years. I'm a hard worker and the patients and my coworkers attest to that. However, several nurses that I started with, who were fresh out of BSN nursing school with no experience, are now Nurse IIs and Nurse IIIs. We have Nurse IIs with two year degrees as well. What my nurse manager, who has no clue how to be a nurse manager, keeps telling me is that I have to come up with some BS performance improvement project for the ward, that has to have measurable outcomes (percentage change), and is evidenced based. And then, I have to write my own performance evaluation, and I write it honestly (which doesn't get you promoted). And then, once a year, my evaluation goes before some stupid board that decides whether you move up a grade, or stay at your current grade. It seems to me, providing the best patient care isn't rewarded. Only those who spend time working on projects ( which tend to be the younger, single people without kids), or who are all buddy buddy with the nurse managers, are the ones that get promoted. I've noticed that a lot of PI projects are just rehashes of previous PIs that were done. I'm kind of fed up with working at the VA, even if it is guaranteed employment for life. The work culture is stagnant and promotions are based more on favoritism than on hard work. As what was posted in the OP posts. I bet that when finish my MSN and get my FNP license, I still won't be considered for Nurse II. And according to HR, the VA won't hire NPs without at least 1 years experience. And even if I do work part time for a year as an NP and apply for the job, I will be brought on as a NP at the Nurse I level since I haven't been boarded for Nurse II. NPs that come from external applications are hired on a Nurse IIIs. Ok, I'm done with my rant. I have midterms for my MSN coming up this weekend I need to be studying for.