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KimmbaFNP has 11 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Holistic FNP, AHN.

Private Practice in CA

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  1. I was just accepted to the Touro Nevada DNP for a Spring 2020 start, as well as accepted to return and finish my PhD in psychology at a previous university (also a Spring start), and am really pressed to decide... I'm trying to make a well informed decision and would appreciate any assist from folks who've recently completed Touro's DNP (or who are in the thick of it.) The PhD will likely take at least 3 more years with the dissertation and 3x the cost, but I LOVE psych stuff so would be fun-ish, versus the Touro DNP which would be 1 year and done (provided I don't screw up of course). Old posts on here say the Touro program has changed - wondering what recent graduates think of it? Also, I'm super curious about the added 400ish hours towards the project - what do they count or not count? Can you do it in your own private practice or do I have to find an outside site? Does your local project mentor have to sign off on everything or do you have a lot of autonomy and trust from the faculty/Touro mentor? I totally groove on psych, but at the same time I need a doctorate sooner rather than later as I'm no longer competitive as teaching faculty because I don't have a doctorate degree. Thanks! Kim
  2. KimmbaFNP

    What FNP program did you attend and did you like it?

    I think you will find that most programs do not arrange your FNP clinical sites for you. The advantage is that you're not stuck going somewhere you don't want to be and can try to establish clinicals at sites that are more of interest to you. Well written letters of introduction with a brief summary about yourself (intelligent, fast learner, enthusiastic, etc.), the program you're in, your goals and the requirements for a preceptor/clinical site (information such as "you can agree to precept for just one semester or the whole program and able to terminate with 1 weeks notice") work well for securing a good clinical site. In your closing paragraph ask for the opportunity to meet with him/her (personally address all letters - no form letters) so that they can determine if you'd be a good fit for their practice. Mail your letters (or better, hand deliver) to the sites you are interested in. I had no trouble finding clinical sites using this method. I HIGHLY recommend Sonoma State University's FNP program (CA). The core faculty and director are incredibly supportive and helpful and they work hard to create a nurturing environment (more along the lines of what nursing is supposed to be all about). I had to transfer mid-program and can also recommend Marquette University (Wisconsin) where I originally enrolled. However, they do not have Family, so you'd have to consider Adult, pedi, acute care or another NP option. UCSF's program is top rated, highly competitive but also has more of a "sink or swim" attitude (not so supportive) according to various graduates I know. I've heard both good and bad from Samuel Merritt Graduates. Most MSN students I've met who attended Univ. of San Francisco (I took several classes there with different cohorts) were very unhappy with the masters level programs there (worse than sink or swim, it's more of a "prove to us you're worthy to be here or else get out" type attitude from the 20+ folks I know who obtained their MSN's from there), however, their FNP is now a DNP and I don't know if students in the DNP feel as equally dissatisfied. (Perhaps others here have attended USF or the other programs and can weigh in on these perceptions?) In my opinion it is better to find a program that "fits" well with you and is supportive, as when it comes down to it you'll be hired based on whether they like you and most don't care what school you attended so long as you've got the training/degree/credential. All the best with finding the program that is right for you!
  3. Sonoma state - has a basic MSN, CNL and FNP program w/no GRE req'd
  4. FYI - I took the exam on the 7th & didn't find out until last Friday, the 23rd. My school hadn't sent in the coversheet with my transcripts, so that was the hold up. You might want to make sure that all the little things like that were taken care of, otherwise it will definitely delay your results. I received my RN wallet card yesterday, so I'm guessing they mailed that out the same Friday my name was posted on the BRN site. So far most everyone in my class was stopped @ 75 questions and all who were stopped there have passed. We all had many questions relating to prioritizing & delegating care, if that helps anyone at all...
  5. I'm getting the impression that a lot of it depends on whether or not they have a "complete" file on you or not. I just found out my Univ. didn't send the required BRN coversheet with the transcripts, so now I'm waiting for that to happen
  6. KimmbaFNP

    USF Master's entry 2008

    The 2007 was the last cohort for the MEO. They now only offer the CNL program or a 2nd degree BSN (the CNL is 5 semesters, the BSN is 6)
  7. KimmbaFNP

    Ugh! need topic for Org Theory persuasive paper

    Shock-me-sane - Hey, I think I can work with that idea! Thanks!!!!
  8. This thing is due Thursday, today was to be my day to knock it out and get it done and I'm stuck because I can't come up with a topic! The criteria says: Prepare a paper in which you attempt to convince your (hypothetical or real) Nurse manager to take a particular action related to an organizaiton al behavior topic. Topics include: motivation, emotional intelligence, personality and attitudes, communication, collaboration, power and politics, change management or organizational culture. I can think of all kinds of procedures or protocols to implement, but none of them pertain directly to the above listed topics. Anyone have ideas???? I'm so screwed if I don't get this done today - it's the only day I have a chunk of time that I can use to write it.....
  9. Hi all, I'm transferring from one direct entry MSN program (in WI) to this one @ University of San Francisco. I'd LOVE to chat with someone already in the program and get your thoughts on your experience so far! Also, I've yet to receive a schedule, so I have NO IDEA what my schedule will look like yet I need to arrange child care, etc. (with less than 3 weeks till the semester start) So I'd love an idea of what others schedules are doing so I have at least a rough idea of what to expect. Thanks!! Kim
  10. Did you get into this program by chance? I'm transferring in this term (spring 08) from another direct entry program in WI and I'd love to talk to someone currently in the program (the healthcare systems leadership track)
  11. KimmbaFNP

    Wishing to work in California, from another state

    Hi all, Well I've searched the posts and don't see an answer yet to my question, so.... I'm trying to find WHERE on the BRN website it details the educational requirements for licensure in CA. I can find info about endorsement that refers to the fact that you must meet the educational requirements, but no further information on what those requirements are. More specifically, what they're looking for on transcripts to see if you meet their requirements, etc. Thanks! :)
  12. KimmbaFNP

    Nursing DX Software.

    I ran across a nsg dx program on palmgear: http://tinyurl.com/3crjhx I can't tell you how well it's created though...
  13. KimmbaFNP

    New York to Wisconsin

    First off, no offense intended to anyone who loves WI or the Midwest - what follows is strictly my opinion, having moved here from a very liberal, integrated area of the country.... I moved here from the west coast and have been very shocked/disappointed by the lack of happily co-existing diversity. Yes, there is a large black community, and a Hispanic community, but there seems to be not much acceptance between races (I'm white, Jewish). I've been told (since moving here) that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the US at present - I believe it! We live on the East side, which is considered the most "liberal" area, but it is very tiny and not the kind of "liberal" that I'm used to by any means. I find it very conservative and repressive. I've never lived anywhere that I felt uncomfortable around other races, but here, there is such an undertone of hostility between them that I think it forces you to stick to "your own" areas and neighborhoods out of fear. In the San Francisco Bay area it is soooo very different - there is such diversity, we all get along, there is no weird racial hostility stuff going on - I really miss it. I'm hoping to move away before my 3 year old daughter is of an age that she sees/feels/senses this hostility and racial/cultural weirdness here. I don't want her to grow up and acquire the attitudes that are so prevalent here. So! If it were me and I had a choice - go to the West coast. The Midwest will end up disappointing you as it has me, I'm sure.. Sorry to all those who are Midwesterners, but coming from very liberal locations there is very much a negative feeling here that you may not be aware of if you've grown up here or have been here a very long time.
  14. I have an MBA, so was not required to submit GRE scores. My GPA at time of application was 3.75. The essay you write has a strong influence on admittance, so absolutely put a lot of effort into it. General info about our cohort: Of my current class of 47 folks, I'd say 5 of us have Graduate degrees, about 20 are folks who went directly from finishing their BS into this program, and the rest are a mix of 2nd career folks or otherwise. There seems to be folks from all backgrounds, only abut 4-5 of us have healthcare backgrounds, a bunch of former teachers, an architect, many with science and business degrees, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist and a couple of doulas. About 10-15 folks moved here from out of state for the program. I'd say about 2/3rds of our class are folks in their 20's, about 4 folks over 40 and the rest somewhere in their 30's. Hope that helps!
  15. KimmbaFNP

    Marquette U Direct Entry program 2007 cohort!

    Well I actually received an email notification which apologized for the informal method of notification and asking for my verbal/email commitment by February 1st. The email also said I would receive the written acceptance letter within 1-2 weeks. When I last spoke with Mary Paquette, she said they would be completing the acceptance letter process in "waves", I'm guessing this is the first wave, they then send out a second wave, and then a third depending on commitments from students and also if they receive approval for the additional 10 or so spots they've asked of University admissions. So don't lose hope yet if you haven't received anything! :) Currently I teach A&P, Micro, ethics and advanced respiratory care courses online for San Joaquin Valley College. I have my MBA and have also been a registered respiratory therapist since the early nineties. I think the fact that I have clinical experience and already have a Masters degree likely helped immensely in receiving acceptance for the program. Mary told me that they organize and review in the following way: 1st any applications not complete are not considered 2nd, all students are put into a spreadsheet based on their GPA & they use that order to begin review (she noted that with the competitive nature of the program and high applicant pool, most admitted to the program tend to have a GPA of 3.5 or above, but there are exceptions based on letters of recco, goal statements, etc.) 3rd they review the goal statements, resume's, and letters of recommendation. She said that GPA is not the sole determinant and often folks with a lower GPA (but still above 3.0 of course) but better overall "package" can be accepted over those with higher GPA's, but that it is the initial starting point for reviewing. She also indicated that the Goal Statements are one of the factors that she reviews closely to get a subjective "feel" for the person, and to also review their attention to detail through the formatting, grammar & spelling, etc. The letters of recommendation seem to be like the icing on the cake & function to either support or oppose their view of the candidate to that point. However, don't take this as written in stone - it is strictly my interpretation on the method they use based on my questions to her on the process. (I'm the type that tries to find out as much as I can so I can obsessively analyze my odds while awaiting information...)
  16. Yippee! I just found out yesterday that I've been accepted to the Marquette University Direct Entry program 2007 cohort which begins this May! I live local, so it'll be no big move, but I just moved to the area from California last May, so the area is still a bit new. Anyways, I'd love to hear from any current, former, or 2007 cohort students for the program! I'm very excited and would love to hear all there is to hear about the program!!! Kim :roll

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