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Touro DNP - any recent graduates or current students?

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I was just accepted to the Touro Nevada DNP for a Spring 2020 start, as well as accepted to return and finish my PhD in psychology at a previous university (also a Spring start), and am really pressed to decide...

I'm trying to make a well informed decision and would appreciate any assist from folks who've recently completed Touro's DNP (or who are in the thick of it.)

The PhD will likely take at least 3 more years with the dissertation and 3x the cost, but I LOVE psych stuff so would be fun-ish, versus the Touro DNP which would be 1 year and done (provided I don't screw up of course). 

Old posts on here say the Touro program has changed - wondering what recent graduates think of it? Also, I'm super curious about the added 400ish hours towards the project - what do they count or not count? Can you do it in your own private practice or do I have to find an outside site? Does your local project mentor have to sign off on everything or do you have a lot of autonomy and trust from the faculty/Touro mentor? 

I totally groove on psych, but at the same time I need a doctorate sooner rather than later as I'm no longer competitive as teaching faculty because I don't have a doctorate degree.  



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