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  1. almoret

    tight job market in CA of all places?!?

    Do you mind telling me what NP stands for?Thanks
  2. almoret

    Nursing or hospital jobs for foreign nurses in the US

    I just ordered the Saunder's comprehensive review for RN book.I still don't have it and i think Ms. Suzanne will only accept those who will first try to answer some of the chapters there.I hope i can still join her study program
  3. almoret

    bothered applicant of ATT....please advise me

    Thanks silver dragon..that made me feel better
  4. My problem is this.I filled-up the form for ATT using my maiden name thinking that it would'nt be a problem.I also sent the form which is to be filled-up by my Nursing school in the Philippines using my maiden name.But somebody told me that i should use my married name bec. in my application for my US immigrant visa and in my passport,i am using my married name.Now to change everything to my married name ,i sent another forms with my married name.But one problem is that my school already sent the form.What i tried to do is send again another form to be filled-up by my nursing school.I hope this would not cause any problem for me in the future.Please help me especially those who had the same problems
  5. almoret

    Middle and maiden name, what is the difference?

    Thanks guys!I decided to put my middle name and maiden name the same since i am already married.For example my full name is Ashley chua Rivera.And my husband's name is Ronald Estoista.I'll just put Ashley as my 1st name and then Estoista as my last name and Rivera on both middle name and former/maiden name.
  6. I just married 7 months ago and now i need to fill-up an application form which is very important.In the form is this:last name,first name,midlle initial and then former/maiden name.My problem is what to put as my middle initial.Should it be my middle initial when i was still a single or my middle initial now?For example my middle initial when i was still single is Gomez and since i married already it will now be Rivera which is my former/maiden name.So in the application,i should put my middle initial ang former or maiden as Rivera?Please help me
  7. I am married to a US citizen just 7 months ago.We are currently living here in Germany and i am applying to sit for the NCLEX exam.I din't use my married name in my application just so i don't need to provide other documents....proof of marriage etc.But in my US visa application,i am using my married name.Would that be a problem for me in the future?Don't i have the right to use my single name?Please i need answers until i still can change my personal informations.I want sure answers please
  8. almoret

    NCLEX in Gearmany

    May i ask where do you live right now that you need a German visa?I am still applying for my ATT.I will take the NCLEX exam in Frankfurt bec. me and my husband is currently living here in Germany.What possible problem would i encounter?Please inform me so i will get it ready before i'll go and sit for the exam.
  9. almoret

    CGFNS policies

    Thanks guys for all the information and for taking time to answer my questions.I'm really lucky that i found this website.It's really hard when you're living abroad and you have nobody to talk to.
  10. almoret

    CGFNS policies

    I am appying in Vermont now which does'nt require CGFNS but i want to use it for additional verification of my credentials if in case some agencies ask for it
  11. almoret

    CGFNS policies

    I already searched the CGFNS website and tried to contact them as well through email but they answered me with an automated reply.Though i was still in their record bec. i checked my status.But my question still remain unanswered.Do i have to take toefl again when in fact they included english proficeiency in our exam way back which i guess is not included now in their exam bec. they let you take the toefl separately.
  12. almoret

    Is TSE or IELTS a requirement?

    so that means if i will be able to get a US immigrant visa and green card bec. of the fact that i married a US citizen i will not be needing the TSE or any english exam already?There are states that does'nt require english exam to be able to qualify or become eligible in taking the NCLEX-RN though
  13. almoret

    CGFNS policies

    First of all, do somebody knows if CGFNS cert. has expiration?I passed it 10 years ago.Will they still honor it?Bec. during my time it is a lifetime certificate.And it includes an english section bec. that time there's no Toefl yet.But now they require you to pass first an english proficiency or take a separate english proficiency exam for the Cgfns cert.I'm kinda sad to know that i will just loose the cert. i really worked hard and payed a lot of money for.I also passed my toefl 5 years ago and now i cannot use it bec. it is already expired.My gosh i'm really disappointed with all those expiring cert.
  14. A week ago i registered at pearson vue for my NCLEX exam not knowing that i must first have to apply to a certain state to make me eligible to take the exam.And to my disappointment the state that i want to get licensed to requires a lot like a verification credential from Cgfns which is very expensive and would take months to process.And then a federal criminal background check with another 2 months processing and lastly a Toefl exam which i already passed but expired.I was really depressed until i heard about this certain state that does'nt require much.Thanks for that person here in allnurses.com that informed me about it.Now i'm on the process of working out on my credential verification in my nursing school.I hope i'll have everything done the soonest possible time so i could sit for the exam and fortunately be able to pass it.Please pray for me.That's all i wish for myself this Christmas.May God bless me!
  15. I am a quite shy by personality and that's what's making me sure that i could never passed any english proficiency exam with spoken english.I do have confidence about Toefl bec. it is only about written,listening,and reading.Infact i already passed it even without reviewing.I can say that i can communicate well in english also.It's just that i have this phobia about having all those tape recorders and speaking all by myself or being interviewed personally for that matter.I married a US citizen and we're working out on my US immigrant visa.Do i still need that "test of spoken english exam or it's just a requirement for those applying for Visa screen?
  16. almoret

    re:vermont processing time to for licensure/att

    I also think that they stop requiring a lot of certificates or exams for nurses especially CGFNS bec. it is very expensive and some even thinks it is harder than NCLEX.And only some requires for it.And why do they still include english section and then lets us take again the Toefl.And to require for the credential certification is really expensive.My gosh!all nurses do is take exams....very expensive exams.Can they give us a little consideration?