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  1. Spercy55

    study guide for TEAS???

    Thanks PACO for the reply. I already ordered the V version. Hopefully when it comes in I can send it back. I thought everyone was doing version V now then when I went back to the TEAS testing site it sad I was scheduled for the 4 version. Aughhhh:uhoh3::uhoh3: What other study guide do you recommend? TIA Sheila
  2. Spercy55

    study guide for TEAS???

    Hi Can someone tell me if you can use the version 5 study guide to study for the version 4 or 3 test??? I thought it was just a difference in editions not actual exams. Does anyone know? Thanks Sheila:confused::confused:
  3. Spercy55

    Transcript cost for TEAS test!!!

    So true Yercy...I mean who has the audacity to charge a STUDENT (of all poor people) $20 for ONE transcript!!!! It's called legalized robbery...AND your right...Once we pay for the TEAS test we should get the transcripts free or like you said a dollar to send the official to a school...
  4. Spercy55

    TEAS test

    HI there,,,If you do a search on this website by putting TEAS in the search box you will get LOTS of info on the teas test! HTH:specs:
  5. OK I just had to request to have my TEAS results sent to two different schools. The man on the phone told me the cost is $20 PER transcript and that they don't mail it to the schools they actually email it . I can't believe that I had to pay $40 to have two emails sent to two different schools! That is just plain old wrong! What has this world come to??? um um um Shakin' my head! :spin:
  6. Hi....Great post! I took the teas a couple months ago. it was ok. I want to retake it though so I am waiting the 45 days. I passed with a 78.2. I would prefer a higher grade. I also applied so far to BHSON and I will be applying to the CCC in November. Capital is my first choice. Right now I am at Capital taking A & P II. Next semester I will do Micro and then ALL my courses except nurses course will be done!!!!! Good luck to all applying!