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Mickey9700 has 15 years experience as a RN and specializes in Pediatrics, PICU, Pediatric Urgent Care.

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  1. Mickey9700

    Degree over Experience?

  2. Mickey9700

    School nurse interview

    Hi beachynurse, So, I spoke to them today and they offered me more than $20,000 less than my current salary. Needless to say that is impossible for me to take. I wish it would have worked out, but if something else is meant to be, I suppose it ...
  3. Mickey9700

    Degree over Experience?

    I've been an RN (ADN) for 14 years and haven't had even 1 minute to do my BSN. I registered finally and was about to start last month. Once I received the syllabus and noticed it was going to be all group work, I had to drop out. WHAT RN has time to ...
  4. Mickey9700


    Can you give an idea on how it was? What, if any topics were heavily focused on? All I know as I'm studying is that I have forgotten so much, I'm petrified of taking it! Congratulations~ Can you give an idea on how it was? What, if any top...
  5. Mickey9700

    School nurse interview

    beachynurse.....that's a big cut, something I would have to consider if I was to accept a position that may be offered to me soon. I love my job in Urgent Care, but I keep feeling like something is missing. What did you do before?
  6. Mickey9700

    Hospital to Urgent Care

    Hi, It all depends on your state and your experience I suppose. You can't compare NYC pay to anywhere else in the country I would assume (except maybe big cities in California I hear). In NYC, I believe the difference between Hospital and Urgen...
  7. Mickey9700

    Hospital to Urgent Care

    Hi, It's been a while, hope all is well if you are working. I worked in the PICU for about 5 years, then did some Home Care and I've been in Peds Urgent Care about 3 years. I'll tell you one thing, the acuity level is not even close. Yes, ...
  8. Mickey9700

    CPN vs Board Certification in peds

    Thanks so much! I know sometimes we see these posts so many years later, but sometimes better late than never!
  9. Mickey9700

    Pediatric Psych RN Information

    Thank you so much, great idea! My Psych rotation in school was only 6 weeks and didn't focus on Peds and it was 12 years ago! I will def look into it. THANK YOU!
  10. Mickey9700

    Pediatric Psych RN Information

    Hi everyone, I have a question for the Pediatric Mental Health Nurses out there. I work in a Pediatric Urgent Care that may, in the future incorporate Behavioral Health into our company somehow and I am so excited. It's been a dream of mine to ...
  11. Mickey9700

    Blunt Fill Needles for IM injections?

    If you're speaking about the blunt fill needles that you use to draw up meds, then attach the actual needle you're going to inject the patient with, no. Those specifically say they are for filling the syringes only. They are red.
  12. Mickey9700

    Peds Nurse Furloughed During Pandemic

    YAY! I'm back to work.....not full hours yet, but almost. We are doing COVID antibody testing. TONS of it. Every day, all day. So, pretty much, I'm a nurse turned phlebotomist. LOL.
  13. Mickey9700

    Toon Caption Contest | Nurses Week

    Sorry you took that extra shift this week, eh? ?
  14. Mickey9700

    New Grad PICU Nurse Help

    Hey, I started straight out of school into the PICU myself 12 years ago and it was NOT easy. I wish I had 6 months of orientation. Don't beat yourself up, BUT definitely ask your co-workers about anything you're not sure of or anything you even thin...
  15. Mickey9700

    Looking into psychiatric nursing

    Is anyone a Pediatric Psych Nurse on here?