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  1. DeDe245

    Federal Mandated Hazard Pay

    The Senate is about to throw out Federally Mandated Hazard pay of an extra $12-13/hr for Frontline Workers Which passed the House of Representatives Part of the Next Stimulus Package Plan RE: COVID Yet put in a provision to give employers legal protections from lawsuits. AMNESTY Contact your Senator Now to Voice your View https://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm Demand for the Hazard Pay AND that they require Employers to file for it. ACT NOW
  2. DeDe245

    COVID19 Screening

    I'm wondering if staff are being screened for COVID19 as well as patients? As psych units are limited to what you can do with social distancing especially with hands on incidents. I work as a Psych RN Traveler but have been out recovering from a surgery before this virus took over and now at 100% ready to help. I've communicated with other travelers I know and they said patients were being pre-screened before admission. I don't know yet if that is routine everywhere. I'm thinking though as Travelers come and go from many areas it would be critical to pre-screen them as well as you can be an aymptomatic carrier or have mild symptoms which could be allergies as well this time of year. Interested in others experiences on their units. Has this affected your census? Have there been census caps put into place? I imagine these lockdowns are creating big problems in the homeless community many of which are dealing with mental health issues.
  3. I was out of official Nursing for 8 years caring for parents. I was really scared of never being able to return to Nursing without taking one of those expensive RN refresher programs. Yet I had been maintaining my licenses and doing a lot of continuing ed. So set out to edit and re-edit and re-edit my resume describing in to the point what I did Care giver, Case Manager, Advocate, Researcher etc etc. It was basically the hardest Nursing I've done in my life 24-7 live-in. I have my elevator speech plus I reconnected with past references and updated info and I had years of experience in my specialty Psych and caring for my Parents was basically Geri-Psych with lots of Med Surg which I had no prior experience in so I gained many skills and became even more efficient balancing lots of roles but despite all that I would get from well meaning advisors you'd be lucky if you could get a Perm Job and then you would need to work their a year but not me. I wanted my cake and eat it too. I wanted to return as a Traveler as I had done before. Finally I set out to email every company with ready rebuttals to any objection that I could simply and copy and paste on the fly and send plus I called and spoke with recruiters hoping that approach would work. I guessed all I needed was one company to agree and one hospital to agree and I would keep renewing at the hospital for almost a year. BAM! It worked! It was merely a numbers game. Out of all the companies I emailed maybe 60 responded and what I found in my real life experiment was after a few back and forth emails and them checking with their clinical director more than half of those responded favorably...some more so than others. In fact I had to create separate folders in Outlook to keep up with them. I focused on the ones that the recruiter had the most positivity and the company was large enough with plenty of assignments cause even then I still had the hurdle of getting a hiring manager to hire me and again I thought all I need is one. I had some interviews where I was turned down but I kept pushing. All I needed was one hiring manager who took care of their parents and would get it or knew somebody that did and understood the difficulty of it. Looking back on the process I learned some things I may have done differently but all in all it was just a matter of persistence, staying organized, genuine marketing. Finally a place that need nurses bad interviewed me and loved my background and in the 20 minute interview we mostly talked about the weather and it was a go. After I had hung up my mouth was open in amazement on how easy it was. I worked their a almost a year and I keep getting offers almost daily from companies but I like my recruiter. In the past I use to hop from one company to the other but I fine here for the time being. So what I learned take the conventional advice with a grain of salt and caution but test it out and be persistent and committed. I am just happier as a Traveler plus I banked a lot of money that year. I am now a Thousandaire and taking a break and will out again soon. On the unit I worked it was just matter learning their systems but my Psych skills were there still and even sharper plus the fact that I don't consider this a job but a calling. I care about these people. I love connecting with them. I had to get back to them. Every place has it's hassles and I hadn't given injection in a long while but had given thousands before. I dealt with it all using humor, taking notes I called recipes for this process or that process. So no you don't need a year of recent experience in a hospital setting. Now if I had been doing something completely different it may have been more challenging but so many people even so called experts tend to go by this what I call copy and paste advise. Someone who sounds authoritative or even with some expertise tells them something and they take it as gospel unchecked. I didn't find a whole lot on the web about this except some posts saying you couldn't use caring for a family members as experience....says who? I did listen to a TED speech online about the subject that motivated me with real stories. Also I am close to 60 years old. I read the stats of the difficulty of returning to the work force and bought into that I would have given up. You have to say and believe you are an outlier of the stats. Plus despite of somewhat disabled...I can't run I did it. I keep in very good shape and future surgery will fix that problem. All these challenges I had (I won't get into all of them) have become a blessing to change for the better and re-invent myself it literally has turned the clock back for me except for white hairs here and there I am proud of in fact I try to brighten them ha ha :) Just be creative with plans and do it and readjust and keep doing it. If I change one I hope more peoples mind about this non-official rule of one year recent experience.
  4. DeDe245

    Travel nursing questions

    There are lots of assignments for Psych RNs accross the country. I am constantly getting emails for Psych assignments. In my experience just about every company recruits Psych RN's with a small percentage of exceptions. I know there are couple of companies that say they specialize in Psych but I found this not to be the case as they staff many other specialties as well along with a good supply of Psych assignments. Since Psych assignments are not AS abundant as other specialties it is even more neccessary to register with a good number of companies as well as work on an assignment with several companies. On top of that stay in email contact with other recruiters. If you do that you will see that many companies may be marketing the same assignment but also different ones you haven't seen. Psych certification helps as well. Also most importantly is a knowledgeable, fair. effective/efficient recruiter working as a team with you (as with any specialty). Once you sign up with a company and get stuck with a poor recruiter it is difficult (not impossible) to change recruiters unless that recruiter leaves or is promoted to management. Keep in contact with great recruiters via cell as I've seen many great recruiters move from company to company. Also save up those $'s because to give you confidence to hold out for good paying assignments and when you are looking have 2-3 potentials going as they fall through many times. The more state licenses the merrier and look outside of just Travel Nurse Companies, look at Seasonal, Military Contracts , VA, per diem (with or without a contract), and even the Dreaded!! Perm although its best if you stay with inpatient Psych as the vast majority of Psych Travel is inpatient psych although I've seen Psych Home Health, Psych Management, Psych Case Management here and there. Good Luck :)
  5. DeDe245

    Deaconess Accreditation Issues?

    I am interested in attending the online ASN w/PN program at Deaconess Schoolof Nursing now called Chamberlain School of Nursing. I've heard they are accreditied by the NLN but if you pass the ASN w/ PN web based degree where you have to set your clinicals up will all Boards of Nursing accept this school. For example my resident state is NC may accept it I don't know yet but what if I wanted to move to California. I have read about in the past a College Called Regents in NY now called Excelsior I believe had a similiar program but graduates would not be accepted in Florida or California I believe. Don't know if that was to sit for the NCLEX or through reciprocity as well. Just want to get this question answered before proceeding. DeDe

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