Federal Mandated Hazard Pay

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The Senate is about to throw out Federally Mandated Hazard pay of an extra $12-13/hr for Frontline Workers

Which passed the House of Representatives Part of the Next Stimulus Package Plan RE: COVID

Yet put in a provision to give employers legal protections from lawsuits. AMNESTY

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Demand for the Hazard Pay AND that they require Employers to file for it. ACT NOW

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Unfortunately I doubt if that part of the bill will ever pass. It didn't get added to the first bill [CARES Act] so I don't see any way it'll be added to this next one.

I don't want to sound ungrateful, after all at least I have a stable job through this but I have to admit it is a little aggravating to me seeing the unemployed getting a $600/week bump while those that are considered essential get to keep their jobs but that's it.

Where's the pay for the healthcare workers, the grocery store employees, the gas station, truck drivers, warehouse workers, everybody that has gone to work every day to keep those businesses open and supplied? While some companies offered some kind of hazard pay on their own that's ending for most of them and never got close to approaching the $600/week bump in pay the unemployed received anyway.