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I am a dual major..Graphic Design and Nursing. I enjoy spending time with my fiancee and my little weenie dog Osky.

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  1. sockmonkey70

    RN or LPN school near Fort Polk/Leesville?

    NSU has several options, none accelerated however. http://www.nsula.edu/nursing There is a Louisiana Technical College in Natchitoches alaso that has an LPN pgram.
  2. sockmonkey70

    anyone have a nose ring?

    And I think that is totally fair! I just don't understand why one type of piercing is permissable and others are not. As to the discomfort during a cold, it isn't a problem unless you haven't taken care of the piercing and it is infected. Snot does not fly out of the hole, despite popular belief LOL. If it is healed properly, it is like it isn't even there for me.
  3. sockmonkey70

    anyone have a nose ring?

    Why are earrings OK..But not a nose ring??? They are both unnatural holes in your head. I have my nose pierced and I think it looks very nice. If I can't wear my nose ring, then I surely don't want to see anyone with any god awful metal in their ears. ICK ICK ICK. Seriously, times change. Get OVER IT.
  4. sockmonkey70

    Interest paid off for La. nurses (The Advocate)

  5. sockmonkey70

    Take 7 classes in one semester to make deadline!?!

    I have taken 18+ hours every semester for 7 semesters...I have taken 21 a couple of time. SInce you have no other obligations, I think it is totally possible. I have done it. It's not EASY, but it's definately manageable. I have a 3.7 GPA..Not too shabby.
  6. sockmonkey70

    TEAS Scores???

    I recall our instructor saying our specific program average was usually in the 70s, but they had been getting higher every year..I guess I will find out when I apply LOL.
  7. sockmonkey70

    TEAS Scores???

    Hi everyone. I just got back my TEAS results and I don't know if they are good or bad. My Adjusted Individual Score was 82.9%. (The Mean National was 70.8% and Mean Program 72.6%) My Percentile Rank was 86 National, and 88 Program. I didn't really study, but now I wish I had! I thought it was easy when I was taking it, but I guess I was overly confident. Is this an OK score? I apply for clinicals at the end of the summer, and we don't have another oppurtunity to take the TEAS. Our school has no minimum required score, they just use a point system to figure it in.
  8. sockmonkey70

    Need TEAS help please.

    I just wanted to say thanks again. I feel like I did really well on the TEAS. You guys all gave me some great advice.
  9. sockmonkey70

    Help me decide on pre-nursing

    First of all I would say to go for the ADN..That way you ensure you have college credits if you would like to complete your BSN later on..with the Diploma program you may have to start from scratch on a 4 year program. As for job shadowing, do you have any family or friends that are nurses? If so, ask them if you can tag along at work one day. If not, try calling a nearby hospital and ask if there is any way you would be allowed to shadow one of the nurses..I know high school students are allowed to, so I bet they can set something up for you. Good luck!
  10. sockmonkey70

    Need TEAS help please.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to compile all of this. It is great and exactly what I needed. I had found a site for standardized test help and the TEAS was one of the categories, but it had EVERY type of math. Narrowing it down to Pre-Algebra makes this so much easier. Thanks again!
  11. I was researching NCLEX pass rates for the state, just to see how our notoriously poor education system prepared our future nurses..and I was surprised by this..In 2000, Louisiana had the third highest NCLEX pass rate at 90.4%..and in 2004 the second highest with 91.7%. http://www.higheredinfo.org/dbrowser/index.php?year=2004&level=nation&mode=data&state=0&submeasure=120 Does anyone know if this is accurate? Because if it is, then I will be more than proud to be a nurse educated in Louisiana.
  12. sockmonkey70

    Need TEAS help please.

    I am in my Introduction to Nursing class (12 week summer session) and our teacher told us yesterday that we are taking the TEAS Monday..I don't have time to order a study book or anything, and I need to score well because our TEAS scores are factored in to determine who gets in to clinicals. I am not worried about the English or Reading, but could you guys please tell me what types of Math and Science problems I am most likely to encounter? I haven't had a Math class in two years LOL. I am thinking about getting some High School level Math books to study from..So if anyone can break down to me what to expect I would GREATLY appreciate your kindness.
  13. sockmonkey70

    OMG! My feet are killing me!

    Someone mentioned Asics..If you have wide feet I wouldn't go with those. We used those in cheerleading and they KILLED my feet.
  14. sockmonkey70

    Considering Nursing Don't Know Where To Begin

    I am currently in the Associate's program at NSU. It really seems to be a good program so far. I have finished all of my pre-req's, and am currently in the summer Nur 1050 class. I am so excited to start clinicals. I am not sure about the pay rates. The only difference between a 2 yr and 4 yr RN is the oppurtunity for advancement. In the first few years it doesn't really matter, but if you are not content being a bedside nurse the rest of your career you will want to complete the Bach. at some point. (You can complete the BSN completely online at NSU if you are a two year RN) But if you have any specific questions about Northwestern's program, let me know. I think it would be a good option for you if you have a degree already. I am pretty sure some of your stuff will transfer. I will have completed a four year degree in a non-related field next semester, which is why I opted for the 2yr RN.
  15. sockmonkey70

    Considering Nursing Don't Know Where To Begin

    Sure. What type of Nursing are you interested in? An LPN program? An RN program? I don't know what area you are in to suggest a school, but there are several good Nursing schools in the state. I am sure if you gave us a few more details, I could try to help you. The best place to start is online, and find out what is available to you that will suit your needs.
  16. sockmonkey70

    LA: High schools add nursing course (The Natchez Democrat)

    I actually lived bout 45 minutes from this program and wish I would have taken the time to do it. They used to offer it as a summer school type option for very little $$$.