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pocovan has 2 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

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  1. pocovan

    Florida FNP

    I have been a locum NP in AZ, NM and CA. My assignments have been one after another. I have my NP license in Florida and I want to stay here. There is a healthcare clinic on every corner. The locum companies tell me that it is tough to find locum job...
  2. pocovan

    IHS FNP contractor

    Can anyone share their experiences and thoughts about being a FNP contractor with Indian Health Services? I am presently on an assignment and I would appreciative your input.
  3. I work as a FNP contractor and I enjoy the travel aspect. I go to areas that I may not have ever visited on my own. My kids are grown and my husband works remotely so he is able to travel with me. Things to consider: 1. We do not own a house and liv...
  4. pocovan

    Easiest/quickest online MSN-DNP program

    This is an older post, but I am wondering about this same topic. I am a FNP-C and would like to get my DNP just for my own personal goal. I would like an accelerated program that is from a bricks and mortar university. If anyone has a variety of opti...
  5. pocovan

    Pediatric Dosage Calculations...HELP!

    I am always impressed with clinicians that ask questions rather than fearing what others think of them. You are very wise and I am sure an excellent clinician. I appreciate the tips as well.
  6. pocovan

    Travel Nurse Practitioner Jobs

    What NP staffing agencies would any of you travelers recommend? Which ones should I avoid? Any tips you have are greatly appreciated!
  7. pocovan

    Is the DNP going to be required?

    Hi! I am a FNP student. Are we going to be required to get a DNP? I will graduate by the end of 2016. Will I be grandfathered in with the NP?
  8. pocovan

    Statistics for NP is tough

    Has anyone else found the stats class for NP school very challenging? I have it as an online class. I'm spending countless hours on this... Any tips?
  9. I have whittled down my FNP Onljne Program choices to Indiana State and Purdue Calumet. My only draw back with Purdue Cal is they only do full time if you begin in the Fall Semester, and I would be starting in the Spring. I would really like to go fu...
  10. Does anyone have any experience with Purdue University Calumet Online Program for FNP grad school?
  11. Does anyone have any information or tips on going to FNP grad school online with Indiana State University? Please share your good and bad experiences with me. Thank you! PocoVan
  12. I have applied to 3 online FNP programs: Indiana State University, Purdue Calumet, and University of South Alabama. Does anyone have any information on their experiences with any of these graduate programs? Which one would be best? I would like to go...
  13. pocovan

    I've had it!!! Need to vent again

    What did you get into when you left Home health?
  14. pocovan

    I've had it!!! Need to vent again

    I've been working full time and my day usually started around 8 AM. With faxing, travel to, from and in between clients, chart work (paper) and at home processing of admits for the next day, my days ran about 12 hours at least. I've done this full ti...
  15. pocovan

    I've had it!!! Need to vent again

    Five SOC and 7 regular visits in one day? That makes me tired just thinking about it! That is too much work for 2 nurses! I think we should send the administrators out one day to do our job. I would also like to organize their schedule so they are sp...