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  1. Hello everyone I'm curious to your thoughts on, you guessed it, key challenges in cultural and family care. Any experience you could share would be very helpful. It seems like nursing is being focused increasingly more to people from various cultures and that's something that I think is sort of interesting and important to understand.
  2. Obama just won the Iowa Caucus and African Americans are only like 4.5% of the population. That shows some hope for Americans. I think Americans are looking for change, regardless of race/gender.
  3. ghaleon128

    Child Maltreatment Questions

    Bah, I'm a big moron. Really, really sorry about that, my laptop doesnt have the brightest screen and I didn't see the responses. Here you help me and I say that! I apologize.
  4. ghaleon128

    Child Maltreatment Questions

    Yay!! Thanks RN1989 and underpaidrn that's all I need.
  5. ghaleon128

    Child Maltreatment Questions

    Hey guys! I need to do a quick little project for my college developmental Psychology class. So far it's been a little rough finishing this interview I have to do because none of the agencies I've called have gotten back to me. If anyone out there wants to help me out, I'd love you for a really long time :) The answers can be pretty short (long is great too), all I need is a page typed. I also need a name and phone number if possible (you could send through a pm maybe), I'm guessing so if she thinks the student made it up, she can go check. Although I'm 99% sure she won't contact you, or just give me a fake name and number I guess lol. 1. Should I report emotional abuse and/or parental neglect as well as physical abuse? 2. Where should I report it? (i.e How extreme does it have to get before I report it?) 3. Is it a good idea to report it even if it isn't life-threatening so that parents will be warned to change their behavior? 4. Who do I contact and what specific information do I need to supply? 5. Is there anything else I should know about reporting abuse or neglect? Optional question we can ask, thought some might get a kick out of it. 6. Do you feel you are adequetly staffed? And that's it! The answers can be really simple so don't feel they have to be huge or anything. Thanks again :spin:
  6. ghaleon128

    Australian CRNAs?

    Hey I have been trying to find out a few things. Does Australia allow American trained CRNAs to provide anaesthesia? If so, what kind of certification is needed to practice over there? I've been looking at where CRNAs can work internationally and it seems rather limited as most countries require doctors to administer anaesthesia. Thanks for any help :spin:
  7. ghaleon128

    How valuable is community service?

    Tried searching and didn't find anything. How helpful is community service for getting accepted to a program? Do schools put much weight on it or not that much? I know when I was looking at private 4-year colleges, a lot of the prestigious colleges highly valued community service. But for grad school, I'm guessing it isn't as valued. I've just recently become interested in community service and if it'd help me at all to get into a CRNA program, it'd be an added incentive to volunteer :spin: So any info would be great, thanks.
  8. ghaleon128

    Help with Missouri State U interview???!!!

    Are most interviews like that? Seems like a long day lol...
  9. ghaleon128

    CRNA or MDA?

    I'm really glad you made this thread, I'm in the same boat trying to figure out what to do. Although, I still need to get my RN but I like to plan ahead lol. Anyways, one thing that sways me to MDA is how lifespan is going increase probably in the future. Of course, it might seem silly to think about but it makes schooling more worth it if you're going to work longer. I've been wondering, just how long are the weeks for MDAs generally? I've heard that they often work a lot of hours but never have found out how many. I've seen salary reports for locum tenens and the difference on there is about 100k, but if CRNAs are working 40 hours a week and MDAs work 60 or however many hours a week, it might balance it out a bit.
  10. ghaleon128

    IV drug (Chemistry) question

    Hopefully someone can help me out on this. I have a test question that I'm kinda stumped on. It's a take home test so we can use all resources to answer the question. The t/f question is, "Drugs that are insoluble amines may be delivered intravenously if they have been reacted with a strong acid, such as HCl, because the ionic salt that forms is water soluble." I know certain drugs are made into a salt so that the drug becomes water soluble, but am I missing something in the question? It seems too easy, that's why I ask. Any help would be much appreciated! :spin:
  11. ghaleon128

    Morgellon's, Chemtrails, and Body Bugs, HAARP

    There are doctors who are researching this and they say something is going on. I can't believe that they would be giving this any credence if there wasn't something going on. Also, I have no doubt that some of the self diagnosed morgellon's sufferers do have delusional parasitosis. Just because some might be delusional doesn't mean they all are. If the evidence presented is correct then there is overwhelming evidence that this is a real condition. Cases of Morgellons have been more consentrated in the southern states. What I think would be interesting would be to compare the density of cases between morgellon's disease and delusional parasitosis across America. I'd guess that delusional parasitosis cases would be pretty evenly distributed across the states. If that was true, it'd suggest possibly that something local is causing the symptoms of Morgellon's disease.
  12. ghaleon128

    Morgellon's, Chemtrails, and Body Bugs, HAARP

    I just meant that combining both those topics into one thread can often get people to tune out because they think it's just a bunch of "conspiracy theory" mumbo-jumbo. Chemtrails are extremely popular on those types of websites and I wouldn't want people to totally disregard Morgellon's disease because of that link. It's easy and probably normal to say these people are crazy but there are reputable scientists that are saying the same thing these morgellon's sufferers are saying. I have a hard time believing that these scientists and doctors researching this condition are also delusional along with their patients. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger is one of the leading scientists researching morgellon's disease, here's some of her findings.
  13. ghaleon128

    Morgellon's, Chemtrails, and Body Bugs, HAARP

    You are correct. Most Doctors will diagnose these people with delusional parasitosis and prescribe psychoactive drugs to treat it. However, there are really two sides to the story. The people that claim to have morgellons disease very strongly deny having delusional parasitosis. Which makes sense to the doctor because they think it's part of that condition. It's kinda similar to someone diagnoised with an easting disorder and trying to say they don't have it. It's hard to get people to believe you when anything you say is just part of your condition. It's really hard to know what evidence is accurate because a majority of these tests on fibers are done by private individuals or small groups. From what I heard though, the fibers contain some really strange qualities. Appearently, some doctors removed some of the fibers from their patients' skin and sent it to the FBI's fiber analysis unit (forgot the exact name) and they found no matches when compared to 800 fibers. I just hope that professionals are objective about this and not jump to conclusions. The frustration these people get when their doctor says they are delusional is immense, and what if there really is something going on and they aren't "delusional".
  14. ghaleon128

    Morgellon's, Chemtrails, and Body Bugs, HAARP

    the people who believe the chemtrail stuff think that the chemicals are sprayed through a different device, from what i understand. the contrails and chemtrails are argued to be different. imo, the op shouldn't have posted both about chemtrails and morgellons when both are fairly unknown to most people.
  15. ghaleon128

    Morgellon's, Chemtrails, and Body Bugs, HAARP

    I've been looking into Morgellons disease for awhile now and I find it pretty interesting. The CDC has, after much pushing, begun research into morgellons disease. Here are some links for people just learning about it. http://www.morgellons.org/ http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/morgellons-disease/SN00043 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgellons Rense has some good info but you need to be a critical thinker when reading there, or reading anywhere really. Rense has seven or so podcasts that discuss the condition. They interview some morgellons sufferers, one being a nurse which is interesting, and some research doctors.