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AmyORlpn has 4 years experience.

I'm a student in an LPN program and will graduate in 10-2007

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  1. AmyORlpn

    Time to Make a Change for LPNS.

    I'm in Oregon and I must sat it is Crazy!!! There are no bridge programs here. IU'm in the process of starting an ASN progran. I will have to redo all the classes over again because the accrediting body is not the same. It is SO frusterating to be stuck in a hole with no assistance. We do have a nursing shortage but Oregon is not doing much to fix the LPN to RN gap. The OSBN does not respond to my emails about future plans either. The community college's are so darn competitive that it is not worth the stress for me to even think about them.
  2. AmyORlpn

    ITT Tech Portland OR, Any ideas

    I went to the information session yesterday on the ASN program. It was interesting and sounds do-able with my schedule. My problem is ......I am already an LPN, have been for 4 years. The program is 27 months regardless of previous degrees and no way to accelerate. The cost is a bit spendy but workth the convience in my book. My work is pushing me to get my RN so I can be an RCM. Anyone currently in the program or can give me any advise on ITT Tech? I am one of those that DO NOT like the RAT RACE of a community college. Not that they are bad, they are just not for me!!!!
  3. AmyORlpn

    I am now a LPN!!!!

    you go on with your bad self!!!!! you rock!!! i'm in my second term of a 1 year lpn program. going good so far, i hope to be here 1 year from now with the same news. lpn student in oregon
  4. AmyORlpn

    Pioneer Pacific's LPN program

    hi, i'm currently a student at pioneer pacific college in the lpn program. i'm a bit frusterated with the program right now. i found out that my credits are not going to transfer to another college for the lpn-rn program. any suggestions.... lpn student in oregon
  5. thank you to all who replied and gave me some good suggestions. i appreciate all of the help that i can get. amjajajo lpn student in oregon
  6. AmyORlpn

    The "Teach a Student Something-a-Day" thread!

    :roll this is awesome!!! i'm just ending my first term of the lpn program. i plan to go on and get my rn. this is the best website i've found. you folks are great!!!! keep them coming.. lpn student in oregon
  7. AmyORlpn

    laptops + nursing classes

    i'm in a lpn program and a laptop is provided with the class. it is very nice to have access to information. lpn student in oregon
  8. AmyORlpn

    What Do You Do??

    i work as a cma (certified medical assistant) in an urgent care on the weekends. it pays pretty good ($18.00/hr) while i'm in my lpn program. it is only a 13 month program, so it won't be that long to give up my weekends.:roll lpn student in oregon:pumpiron:
  9. AmyORlpn

    strictly business/non-caring LPN

    lmao yes, i agree with the last posting..........food stamps do not pay for the $200 cell phone that we often see. mean while during the middle of winter the little infants are being toted in clinic with nothing on but a diaper and a t-shirt, but mom has fancy shoes and a bit ol' puffy jacket.......
  10. AmyORlpn

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    hello, my name is amy, i'm a proud mother of 2 boys ages 7 & 8. i'm just finishing my first term in a lpn program. i will graduate oct. 2007. i plan to go on and get my rn when i'm done with this program. man i didn't know how much work this was going to be, but i'm loving every minute of it. i want to thank all of you who respond on this site. i really learn alot here. keep up the good work. lpn student in oregon
  11. AmyORlpn


    this is great. i love this site. i just can't get enough information here. thanks for all the info. i'm luv'n it!!!!!! lpn student in oregon
  12. AmyORlpn


    this is great. i love this site. i just can't get enough information here. thanks for all the info. i'm luv'n it!!!!!! lpn student in oregon
  13. AmyORlpn

    strictly business/non-caring LPN

    you go boy!!!!!! lpn student in oregon
  14. AmyORlpn

    Nurse, hospital sued in baby's death

    omg, as a student, this makes me a little nervous. i feel really bad for all folks involved here. i don't even want to make an assumption of who is in the wrong (or if anybody at all was in the "wrong"), because i wasn't there, but someone should be held responsible for this little precious life that was lost. i'm new to this site and i love it. i really appreciate reading the advise and words of the experienced folks here on this site. you guys rock!!!! :monkeydance:(this site makes me want to dance,like this......lol) lpn student in oregon
  15. AmyORlpn

    Nurse Calender Girls

    i agree they are trying to do something good. i have 2 boys ages 7 & 8, i would not even know what to do with myself if they were not with me. i do know that it would make me feel good to have people around me that care that much about my children to let their legacy live on. if you read the article and what it says. thumbs up to those ladies. p.s. i hope i can pose for art at the age of 52. lpn student in oregon
  16. :chair: hello, i'm only 2 weeks away from finishing my first term in a lpn program. this first term has been a bit of an adjustment for me sense i still have to work and i have a family. this term went really fast and i feel like i didn't absorb all that i should. it is a 13 month program, that has my pre-req's included. so it is alot of work. it is 16 credits per term!!!!!!! any ideas or suggestions or study tips. lpn student in oregon