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    Thinking about Excelsior

    RUE is just a proram like the collee network you pay for on top of EC's fees. I f you really need the study guides, check ebay for deals on them. I did fine with the books and content guide from EC and the peer network online was invaluable as well especially when prepping for the CPNE.
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    D50 can be given rectally but it is very necrotic so one must be careful, Glucagon is a better choice. The new guidelines are the AHA ECC 2005 guidelines that went into place mandatorily in July( to be taught not everyone must retrain though it is recommended) IO is intraosseous, very effective means of short term fluid resusc. inserted into tibia humerus or sternum depending on the device nad pre med w/idocaine prior to admin of fluid is recommended. elsevier has a new ACLS study guide out and the PALS book is due out the end of the month that are fabulous for the courses.
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    Do student loans affect licensing?

    It is a state to state issue. they are looking specifically at student loans but also at child support, etc. If you have an agreement for the loan or it has been x number of years no problem but a lot of states have started using the threat of not licensing or pulling a license to get folks to repay the debts they rightly owe. In Oklahoma they may even revoke yur drivers license plus any rpofessional licenses if you fail to take care of obligations. I would check your credit report to see if it is still there. One free a year from annualcreditreport.com and if so speak with a branch of the concumer credit counseling before you go further. It may be if it is there you can work out an agreement and have it in place before you apply for licensing. This is what one of our medics had to do to avoid loss of his license Former girlfriend waited till her son was six to announce the father to anyone but him and irst notice he had was the courts telling him he was sx years behind in support)
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    do online nursing courses work?

    I know you can and EC even has cpne site in Georgia. This program works I am a grad but it is hard work and you must be a strong self motivator.
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    abortion & the nursing profession

    Dangerous subject but do know here in the states they can not force you to participate if it is against religious beliefs. that being said you should be up front about this with the hospital you work in so they are aware and don't (hopefully) assign you tothis case
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    CPNE Overload!

    Marie, If you are just sending in your app, take a breath, you have plenty of time. THe epn at excelsior's website is the best place for info. Other groups are best for informal info/venting. Read all the sim labs and the CE's through once then break them down into manageable sections and start learning them. EPN has plenty of people with grids and pneumonics to help you get started on your own set. Can't find mine. I read them through probably 3 times before starting to divvy them up into groups to learn.
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    Gov't Loan Repayment Programs

    www.ihs.gov go to loan repayment section. there is a link with their guide on it.
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    Gov't Loan Repayment Programs

    Don't know of specific site but check with indian health services and be prepared to go to some very poor areas in the middle of the middle of nowhere for several years
  9. parrotmom

    Infrared light allows visualizationof veins for blood draws

    Funny, they've been out in the EMS field for 3 or 4 years now. They work well too and fairly reasonable 250-300 each less than the cost of a pulse ox.
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    To cap or not to cap!

    I was disappointed my school no longer had caps. That being said I would not have worn them daily unless required as they can be a pain. They are a symbol of accomplishing something and yes of a profession. Those who say whites and caps demean nurses must also think the army or police departments silly for requiring their employees to wear uniforms. My mother gave me her mother's nurses cap when I grauated. Will I wear it? Probably not but I don't carry my diploma with me everywhere either and I am proud of it as well.
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    how do you juggle rotating shifts and family?

    Amy, I have had the same conundrum as my husband works for 3 days at a time away from home and I am starting a rotating shift of 7p-a. I am hiring a high school senior to watch the children after school till 7 on the days I work as I have to leave for work about 5 and then they are goingo stay the night at their grandparents who will take them to school. Check with high school counselors or local college/vo tech. These are great hours for some students
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    Do cell phones interfere with telemetry?

    depends on the type of phone and type of equipment a swell. Motorolas have a tendency to interfere more than others in my experience.
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    Hair color--is it that big of an issue?

    Are we talking clown red or a hair color naturally found on humans? Our policy actually states it must be a hair color naturally occurring in humans. Also some people said it only mattered what you did not how you appeared but I received both compliments and complaints about one of my employees and it always started with " I don't know her name but she had an earring on her eyebrow and a streak of red down the side of her head. (She had dark black hair) She wore a clear earring when on duty but stillnoticeable. I would suggest you use wash ins on your weekends or days off and stick to a more natural color till you have the lay of the land.
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    Has anyone had issues with accusations of diverting drugs?

    Also you are supposed to have to supply a list of RX meds you are taking with any drug test. Keep your chin up and I would hold off on hiring an attorney though I would collect some names (no one who ads on TV) and make a few discreet calls.
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    WA State Excelsior folks

    Definitely chesk with state BON do know WA requires a lengthy clinical after CPNE as a girl test]ed with me in Columbus
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    EC Exam Grading

    In the study guide I believe they explain how IRT item response theory is graded. You must score certain percentages in certain areas which means that no two questions are necessarily worth the same amount. They do score a,b,c,d,f as well. When you get your test results they will show your percentages in each area. The content guides for the NC courses will tell you what each area's percentage is.
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    Just a reminder ACLS is recommending no drugs down the ET instead IO's are to be used when IV access is not immediately available and meds are critical, i.e. code situation and of course pt is unconscious, course some of the new IO's (EZ-IO) have been used on conscious adults and it is said about as painful as having ones ears pierced. Corrected the typos keyboard is sticking
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    The Today Show

    Did everyone miss the post a page or so back that said she worked a shift with poop on her uniform???? If this happened regardless of your clothing color can I say hazardous? I keep a spare set of work clothes in my car as I work far from home or in my locker. It is the fact that someone would work with stains all over their clothes that lends the criticas to say we do't dress professionally. With white you are right there is no hiding a stain so no choice but tochange. I am not a white fan wore them for clinicals and just in case kept a TIDE pen in my pocket. I didn't get bllod poop or pee or any food products on them and yes I had to kneel down on the floor a few times as well. This is an issue like many othrs never to be resolved until AMerica as a whole takes prie in itself and stops wearing yard work clothes to go shopping and clubbing cllothes to church and work. It's not about what others think but how you respect yourself and I for one am old fasioned and believe you dress nicely when you go out in public to eat or shop or work. I believe I am treated better by the places I go as well. Have tried the dress two different ways and see how I am treated experiment. Dress for success!
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    Breastfeeding at 2 1/2 years???

    Yeah foe extended nursing. That being said, the majority of moms I know including myself (14mths w/daughter and had to wean because of preterm labor with son's pregnancy and unfortunatel a year with son due to stress did me in), are very discreet when the nurse and usually it is those trying to get a rise out of the general public who encourage older children to nurse wherever or just whip it out for all to see. Many of my aunts nursed children till they were 3 or 4 and by this they generally nursed a few minutes before nap or bedtime. They were not asking to nurse 6-10 times a day as one does with a small child and they NEVER allowed tyhe children to just pull their shirt up n public. I say it is a very personal choice and pasing judgement on that is the same as trying to force your vews of religion, sex, drinking, or abortion on another person.
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    nursing compact for Oklahoma?

    No reciprocity means you are eligible to license in another state because you are licensed in your state without a problem. But if you were licensed in state x which didn't have reciprocity with state y you might have to jump through state y'shoops in order to license with them. WIth compact licensing you legally reside in a state that is a compact state, so long as you maintain residency there you may work in any other compact state on your state's license and generally if you move to another compact state you can work for 30 days on your old license while obtaining an new compact license from your new home state.
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    Oklahoma introductions....

    HI, Jaime here, I live in McAlester, 31 with 2 children, a good husband, 4 cats, a great pyrenees and 2 pygmy goats(they're the dog's) I graduated this summer from Excelsior as an RN and am starting next week at Paris Regional in Texas as OKlahoma and I are disputing why EC grads should travel to Midwest City for additional clinicals before allowed to sit for NCLEX. Will be working in TX and AR for that reason. Lived in OK all of my life and have been a Paramedic for ten years now. Will start my masters work in the next two years for my CNM and Family NP.
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    The Today Show

    I agree with no scrubs for ancillary pesonnel. There is no reason for a receptionist/dietary person/housekeeper or transport tech to be in scrubs. A hospital near hee provides polo shirts for these employees which they wear with slacks or in housekeepings case they allow them to wear cotton pants as well. I do not think the majority of people think that putting a white dress and a cap will improve their care but I do believe they ae upset by the casualness of some peoples dress for work. I know many physicians offices as well as clinic that do not allow the cartoon and animation scrubs except in pedi care and do not allow the new capri scrubs which I think are bordering on unprofesional. Capris can not be construed as business attire unless you are selling beach property. Of course I am offended by bank tellers who wear shirts that belong in a night club or people who wear tank tops to work anywhere but a gym or a beach. JMO
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    Video cameras banned in L&D

    Both hospitals I delivered at gave out through your OB their policies on cameras/videos. None were allowed at high risk deliveries and they stressed this was not a liability issue but a space and stress issue. People worry when a camera is on them. Look at a candid good shot of yourself and then a "posed candid shot." Your whole way of presenting yourself has changed. Some people can adjust but most OBs in this area do not allow except in cases of dad is away. They do allow them till actual pushing starts adn after baby is delivered to the warmer. That way there is no jockeying for shots getting in the way. If you want something besides this I suggest free standing birthing centers or home births. In those cases you are not likely to be in a high risk situation and the midwives are generally more relaxed about it. My personal experience I did not allow anyone but hubby in for the birth and we took picture after they were cleaned up. That' what I wanted. Prospective parents are responsble to ask what policy is before birth. Most cases have 8 to 9 months to find out and if you don't like the policy I suggest you have the choice of going somewhere that has a policy to your liking.
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    PALS, anyone?

    there are some great PALS texts out there that are not AHA that are a little less dry to read. Amazon carries them one is actually called PALS, also might check with the person or organization that gives the class you plan to take. Most of them will recommend something besides the AHA text as the text in AHA is not designed for the average reader. I'm an AHA instructor so I can say that. Also have to recommend if you haven't done the new ECC 2005 CPR you take it before ACLS and PALS. Also don't think the new PALS material is ready just yet either ACLS just was released.
  25. Have to say this same vein of discussion exists in a lot of health care professions. I have heard the LVN phase out rumor just as I have heard they are getting rid of EMT-Intermediates (don't exist everywhere) and everyone will need to be a paramedic. The public either compare EMT's as ambulance drivers or have watched too much TLC and thinks everyone is a paramedic. LVN's provide a valuable service and definitely runn rings around many new RN grads. here in OKlahoma they do primarily long term though there are one or two in the ER and several in each department excepting OB at the small hospital here in our town. That all being said, most metro areas in this state do not use LVN's in the hospital setting, messes up their clinical ladder I guess. I say hooray for LVN's, we can not do this without them. Incidentally, 2 semester program at the votech in Oklahoma as is a medical assistant. The healthcare director at the vo tech here told me they train the MA's to work in dr's office/clinic and LVN's for floor work and warn them that LTC will pay better around here than at the hospital.