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spacey has 17 years experience.

i'm married, and have wonderful sons. I'm "one of those nightshift nurses"! and live in paradise.

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  1. Wondering if anyone has experience with this organization. Is this an accepted way to document additional experience and education with a legit certification? I can't afford to go into a masters program, and thought this might be a way to continue m...
  2. Revising of NICU levels

    I've heard changes are coming but am having a hard time finding a site where it's all spelled out clearly. Anyone have a helpful link? Thanks!
  3. Communicating with Doctors

    I've been charged to present info to our new hires about communicating with doctors. We've had communication problems, (misunderstandings, dismissive attitudes, lack of responsivness, putting things off to the next shift etc) with our docs for a lo...
  4. dc planner / case mgt - salary vs hourly?

    Hi mdbp38 -- Sadly, right after this posted, we experienced "restructuring" and lots of management positions were eliminated and all new positions were tabled. Now, years later, we are again considering a case manager or navigator role in my area. ...
  5. dc planner / case mgt - salary vs hourly?

  6. case manager

    Well then it sounds terrible. People have suggested that I might enjoy that position because I enjoy working with the families -- but nothing I can find indicates there would be much of that. We currently don't use case managers so I have no id...
  7. case manager

    Do your NICU's have case managers? -- What sorts of things are they responsible for? Most of what I read about case management seems to apply to insurance companies and involves lots of phone calls! What does it look like inside the NICU?
  8. Thanks

    Sad to lose you from NICU world -- I have read your posts here "forever" -- haha -- and have enjoyed the humor and empathy and wisdom. I hope you continue to enjoy your new position! Nothing better than a great boss! :)
  9. Having a hard time getting over a baby's death

    In our unit, if a nurse has formed a supportive relationship with the family (and has expressed a willingness to be notified), we will often call them to come in and be there during the death if possible. This is helpful for the nurse and the family...
  10. mask or flu shot?

    I had to wear a mask last year, as I have always had a sensitivity to the vaccination and absolutely won't take them again. I have a lot of seasonal allergies and a bit of allergic asthma so wearing the mask was very hard to get used to. I work in ...
  11. MOD family specialist

    Do any of you work in a NICU with a March Of Dimes family support specialist? Is that person an RN? Are they part time or full time? Could you share a bit about what they do? I am curious as they seem to have a variety of roles in different hosp...
  12. families participating in am rounds

    I heard the powers that be were thinking about headphones....and it seemed so weird and awkward....that's part of what prompted me to start the thread. :) I guess that IS how some places handle it.... :/ I am hoping to come up with some alternati...
  13. families participating in am rounds

    Thank you to all who have shared so far!! It seems like most units have more privacy "built in".... I'd love to hear from someone who has a more old school totally open room design about how they manage. From your comments I think one thing we migh...
  14. families participating in am rounds

    We are looking to involve families in our a.m. rounds. Our unit mostly has an open layout with bed spaces being in close proximity to one another. We are looking for ways families can participate in rounds while maintaining their privacy. The grou...
  15. Cup, syringe and finger feedings - BFHI

    Thanks for the input -- I agree that while the heart of the Baby Friendly designation is admirable -- the complete implementation in a NICU is complicated at best and some might say simply inappropriate. We have concerns about aspiration and the lea...