Certifications via American Institute of Healthcare Professionals

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Wondering if anyone has experience with this organization. Is this an accepted way to document additional experience and education with a legit certification? I can't afford to go into a masters program, and thought this might be a way to continue my education and beef up my credentials. (I already have a specialty certification through NCC) Thoughts? Certification and Education Health Care and Nursing, Counseling | AIHCP


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I, too, was very interested in a certification that AIHP offers, but, unfortunately, upon further investigation found it is not accreditied, and is considered a scam. Check out this site, between 1/3 and 1/2 of the way down the page it talks about the owner of the company, Dominic Flarey, a scammer: Degree Burns | New Republic. I also found this site very helpful on the topic: Questionable Organizations: An Overview. Guess we have to keep looking; sorry, and best wishes in your search for legitimate certification!