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  1. ct1tx

    Dickies Uniforms-Where have they gone?

    I have heard that Cherokee bought them out =0
  2. ct1tx

    what type of socks do you use??

    Well after working 12 hour shifts and 3 days straight or more not having any time to sit and walking back and forth some good socks and shoes are a good investment for your knees
  3. ct1tx

    what type of socks do you use??

    Thanks so much I havnt tried the nursing shoes. There is a place here called Foot Solutions which makes custom made insoles for your shoes a bit pricey anywhere from 150-400.00 but you can put them in just about any shoe
  4. ct1tx

    what type of socks do you use??

    you could always shave lol but I guess you arent to worried about spider veins and stuff as i think that women are prone to that~
  5. ct1tx

    what type of socks do you use??

    Polkadots are cool but i guess i am just getting old because my knees start to ache after my 12 hrs shifts =(
  6. wanting some opinions on the best compression hose or socks. I cant find any in my local uniform stores and I hate ordering online and having to return things. I currently only own one pair of knee high compression socks and I really like them but I dont remember what brand they are or where I got them I have had them for 2 years. Does anyone know what the difference is between the thigh and knee highs???
  7. ct1tx

    Do you say you're a nurse...

    So do you say I am in a associates degree nursing program or in a BS nursing program all nursing schools are just that nursing regardless if its LVN or Associates RN or BSN RN.
  8. ct1tx

    question about EC

    I am a new LVN just started working in a urgent care clinic in Dec07. I really want to get my RN but I'am working full time and I have one kid and one on the way. I feel that going back to school and spending 3-4 days a week in class would not be a option for me. Well what my question is if I do the EC there is no clinical training and I am afraid that I might really need that. I would like anyone's opinion on this issue. Do you think the clinical you would recieve in a bridge program is that important, or is just studying the procedures at home enough. Where I live it is almost impossible to get a job in a hosp as a LVN. Let me know what you think please I am very interested in everyones opinion Thanks! ct1tx
  9. ct1tx

    Liability Insurance for nurses?

    Thanks for the info the facility where I am going doesnt offer it but I have looked up some prices and its not to bad.
  10. ct1tx

    Liability Insurance for nurses?

    While I was in school the teachers always said that once we graduate and began to work to make sure we get liability insurance. I have talked to a few other nurses and I have been told different things one nurse said " I dont have ins. because usually the nurses that have liability ins. are the ones that get sued." and another that said that you really dont need it. Well I was just wondering how many nurses really have insurance what is your opinion on Liability insurance? I am about to start my 1st LVN job and I am wondering if I should get ins or not?
  11. ct1tx

    Cant find a job!!!

    I am a new LVN just got my licence in oct. but I am starting to get worried I havnt been able to find a job I applied at a nursing home today but I really had my hopes set for a hospital. I have applied at hospitals and some clinics and some specialty hospitals but no calls from anyone. I was told all through school by the instructors that a nursing home is a big mistake for a new nurse because they stick you with 30 pt's and only 2 days of orientation and training. What do you all think about new nurses in a nursing home is it that bad. Or where else can I apply besides hospitals? By the way I live in the DFW area.
  12. ct1tx

    Waiting on Nclex!!

    I passed!!!!! I cant believe it I actually passed I am now a LVN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. ct1tx

    Waiting on Nclex!!

    I took my test on the 23rd tuesday, my results are still not up yet. I cant stand the wait! Whats worse is I have to go to work in 1 hr so I wont be able to check the results until 7pm tonight!!!!
  14. ct1tx

    205 questions pass or fail

    I have heard the more questions the better chance to pass, but I have also heard that you can pass or fail at any amount of questions. I just took mine today also !!!!!!!!!!! I am freakin out mine stopped at 87 and I dont know how I did!
  15. I graduated from LVN program in Texas and I am goin to take the nclex on the Sept 4 I was wondering if you fail how long do you have to wait to take it again? I hate to think negative but if I dont pass I want to know how long I will have to wait to take it again.
  16. ct1tx

    LPN-RN Programs in North Texas

    Are you sure about Brookhaven I was on there website and I couldnt find anything on LVN to RN bridge. I graduate the LVN program in one week and I am really interested in bridging over.