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medical, surgical ,high dependency unit
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pywon8 specializes in medical, surgical ,high dependency unit.

My name is quenny wong pei yee. I am 25 yearsold now and working in one of the private hospital in malaysia . I am working in surgical and medical ward.I also used to work in High dependency unit.

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  1. pywon8

    Dreaming about work while you sleep:(

    well, I dont dream about work when I sleeping. But I had two same incidence happened to me just after I woke up from sleeping. I think I was not in used to the shift hours last three years ago. It was 7pm when I woke up from my sleep. I was shocked that time because I thought it was 7am instead of 7pm and I am late for work. I was so blurr and rush to the toilet to wash my face. I not even bother to bath, just put my uniform on and rush out from my room. Suddenly, I felt something really wrong. A lot of my colleague are watching TV at the lobby and in this hours????......(morning normally is the boring TV show). Wait!!.........the sky is still dark!!! the sun should be rising now...I was confused. I stunt for a few minutes.....thinking what was happening here....I only realized that time was evening when one of them shouting there for dinner.....:wakeneo:...........hahaha.......what a shame.......I go back to my room.....without telling any body about this until today in ALL NURSES.COM..........:rotfl:
  2. pywon8

    not coding a non dnr patient

    Yeah, I did agree with some of you all ,saying that Doc have to right to decide whether to code a patient depend on patient condition. Even in my country, some of the patient was not code even DNR was not issued. However, doc will keep reinforced to the patient family members about the condition of the patient is very ill.
  3. pywon8

    Empathy or Sympathy for an old woman

    Great Jobs!!!!.....
  4. pywon8

    california lvn pay scale

    Dear Lucid Vital Nurse, Thank you very much for the information.:spin:
  5. pywon8

    california lvn pay scale

    wat is LVN?...and wat will be the register nurse with 5 years experience salary like if working in California. will it be different salary for a foreign nurses to work over there?
  6. Dear all malaysian nurses: I hope somebody who is from malaysian and went to US to work can help to deal with my quiries here as I am in Dilemma whether to go to Us to work. I am a state register nurse in Malaysia. I plan to take N-clex exam to fly to US to work and get some experience over there. Of course, at the same time I hope I can save money and come back to malaysia after few years. however, I heard from my fellow friends that I can't save money if I work in US as the expenses there are high. I a bit worried here....please some body help me....
  7. pywon8

    Alcohol breath nurse........

    Yes..I think you should report to your supervisor. eventhough the person did not do any mistake but one day may happened something that harm the patient life and also affect her future as well. Besides, I think the patient will not respect us as a nurse if they also smell the alcoholic smell like you do. It is not professional to a nurse to behave like that. I greatly support you to report to your sister. so that your sister probably can warn her before any bad things happen.
  8. pywon8

    5150 patient absconded from the ER........

    Ohh...dear...How can a police leave the psyc patient in the ER with all the patients, nurses and Doctors...It is not right for a police to do so. The police should know the psyc patient will harm the surrounded people anytime. Well, what I think is you should get your supervisor informed about the patient just after they reach here next time. At least maybe your supervisor can arrange another person to take care of the patient. well....just for safety purpose. However,I agree with you that.....the police should not and never ever leave the patient like that....what a irresponsible police. well...trust me....you are a very responsible nurse as you know you are busy but still keep on eye to the patient.. its just that...not a right time.....keep it up!!
  9. pywon8

    nurses' job???

    I was really curious to know what other contries hospital practise as a nurse. Of course I know that nurses do nursing care to the patient and follow doctor' round and plan nursing care to the patient. What would I really want to know is did nurses do bill ? do outpatient appointment for the patient when discharge? chase after the patient family members to top up the bil or what ever outstanding bill in order to let the patient to proceed the operation? is that our job? well....I ask because I was really frustrated with the responsible had been given by the hospital. it is too much!...did u agree with me?...we as a nurse suppose to concentrate to the patient need.....not the hospital need!!! They will look for us when the operation is proceed while the bill is not up to date and it was standardized that Register nurse must do appointment to the patient. so...what the clerk is doing in the hospital?.......shaking their legs??:angryfire
  10. pywon8

    Med-Surg nursing... Who likes it? and why?

    Hi.I work in med-surgical area plus high dependency unit in the ward for three years. from my view of point, I think it was interesting and challenging. Challenging in the sense of dealing with different diagnosis and different care that you have to provide in the same day and same time. I also agree with EGRADNURSE about the ward condition when you are working in med-surgical ward. you have to attend to the patient, doctors, and even the relatives. yes, you will feel the stress in the ward, but I beg you really will learn a lot from the ward. you will learn how to deal with multicomplain patient , fussy patient or relatives, sarcastic doctor, attend to emergency, manage your time etc. it was a challenging ward. so I strongly recommend that you start with med and sur ward before you go to other specialise area.
  11. pywon8

    sexually harassment by Doctor, help!!

    Dear Lady Star, Tazzirin, RNgirlie, TrudyRN and to whom reply to my message, of course there are law in Malaysia.it was the process make us don;t feel like doing anything. We are still under agreement to work in this hospital. Here, I mean one of the hospital in malaysia I guess, is treating the Doctor is a god, we always scolded by the Doctor eventhough we felt we are right, we are just the handmaiden of the doctor eventhough we disagree with that. However, I discuss with my colleague and we plan to ignored the doctor when he came for round and we indirectly asking our sister to follow the Doctor and we promise to ourselves not to leave anybody with any doctor especially in the night. well.......just wait and see what we can do further.....and thank you very much for that.
  12. pywon8

    sexually harassment by Doctor, help!!

    Thank you lady star 42. Actually my supervisor also know about these Drs. behaviour. they also can't do anything to them. U know.....They are Drs.and they are the one who makes money for the hospital unless there is court case then only the management will do something about this. On the other hand, if I scold him or slap him, I will have problem to follow his round next time. they will simply make my life miserable. One of the Dr. invite me to go out and and refused it, the next minutes, there will be a lot of complaint about me. Luckly my supervisor smart enough to handle it but I don't know how long I can stand it !.
  13. [EVIL][/EVIL]I think this is queit common things happened in the hospital. well.....let's go to the point. Patients always will think Drs.are very kind man and always treat them like a god. but here in the hospital, I think differently as I go through very difficult situation with some of the Doctors here. These are all the incidents happened in the ward @ I look tired on the morning as I study late. This Dr. came and do ward round with me . before stepping in to see the patient. He suddenly ask" so how is your night? how many times you did yesterday night until you look tired? are you happy with your sexual life ? I just stunt there without a words. @ I was working in High dependency unit alone with 4 patient. suddenly Dr came to check his patient. as usual I will folllow him to see the patient. Unfortunately, that night all of my patients are ill and coma state. this Dr. took an advantages on me by touching butts!!!.... I was shock of what is happening and unable to react to the situation. sometime I just feel very regret as I never slap him. However, if I did, I think I will end up another problem here. Sometime, I feel stress of this working environment. How to act to stop all this harrassment? please help!!
  14. pywon8

    Job satisfaction

    I vote average also as I sometime will have a good day with my patient and sometime not. All is depends where I was placed to work. If I work in high dependency unit, I will feel stress as I only will work alone with 4 patient. these 4 patient will be very ill and need full attention. sometime I just will feel like crazy to attend to patient. Not to said I don't want to attend their call but I just too busy for 4 patient and they are really high dependency. the work load is too much but the management of the hospital do nothing.
  15. I been seing student having depression in my hospital as they cannot cope with the hospital working environment and normally the headmistress will terminate the student to prevent the condition worsen. some of them even end up with suicical event in the college. Normally the college will some how close the case silently. However there are few of my friends also had depression after become register nurse and they been taking antidepressant drug like zoloft, valium or dormicum from the doctor. I think nurses take antidepressant or antianxiety is common as we all are dealing with patient life, patient relative and the doctor as well. :wink2: