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elizatru has 4 years experience and specializes in home health.

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  1. elizatru

    HH RN working Per Visit Needs an Advise.

    Thank you so much for your comments Elizatru.
  2. I have been working in HH for a couple of months, everything went well. During my training time I was paid per hour, but now per visit I have been struggling to get my visits. My agency says the Census has been low, but looking at my coworkers schedule, seems like ever one's schedule is full during the week (per hour nurses). Most of the time I need to go to the office I don't get paid for this and wait 1 hour or more until I get one or two more patients. Most of the time I get only 3 patients per day , if I'm lucky I get 5, this only happens one day a week, also I'm not allowed to have my own patients because I'm per visit. I live far from my office I have to drive 30 miles from my home to the office. I like the job, I like HH to have time with the patients, but I feel like something else is missing. I had talked with my supervisor many times about my schedule; also I requested to be per hour. I know this may take some time, but meanwhile I can't continue driving 60 miles to see only two patients. What can I do? Please can some one give me an advice? Thank you elizatru
  3. elizatru

    I passed with 265!!!

    :yeah:CONGRATS I passed two years ago I'm from Colombia S.A . and I got my BSN there.
  4. elizatru

    A future ANP?

    thank you for your advise, I'm still looking and a little nervous , I hope I can make , my classes beginning on sep most online at gw. thank you again Amparo future ANP
  5. elizatru

    A future ANP?

    Hi every body I have been accepted in AdultNP program in GW university the program is online with couple courses on campus. I'm very happy!. I had worked in LTC and Dialysis, Now I'm looking for a job. I know I need improve my nursing clinical skills and What I should do? in Which direcction I Should look for a new Job Any suggestions? I'm billingual Spanish-English, I live in NC . Thanks for any advise.
  6. elizatru

    I'm Looking for HH

    :no:I quit my job yesterday with dialysis company I worked for 8 months and I'm looking for HH any suggestions?. I have long term care experience. but I like a lot Dialysis but I could not take more stress and deal with tech and LPs and the manager the don't care about Nurses. And dialysis have all the time difficulties to find RN's but when they find someone Davita. treat you like garbage.
  7. elizatru

    Dialysis Staffing

    hi I quit my job with davita yesterday, It was the same for me passing meds, pt assessments, put pts on take off, doing pct work, taking Drs orders and be treated like nothing I cried yesterday a lot but I know that was the best for me.
  8. elizatru

    Dialysis Staffing

  9. elizatru

    is dialysis less stressful than med surg

    Hi thread I'm from Colombia . I'm working for davita in NC . I feel so bad my job is very stressfull and dealing with PCT is terrible, I know at the hospital patient ratio is 1:1. I dont Know sometimes I think PCT acttitudes is becouse I'm foreign Nurse , my accent.... I like my ptes I enjoy spent time with them .