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:yawn: I have been working in HH for a couple of months, everything went well. During my training time I was paid per hour, but now per visit I have been struggling to get my visits. My agency says the Census has been low, but looking at my coworkers schedule, seems like ever one's schedule is full during the week (per hour nurses). Most of the time I need to go to the office I don't get paid for this and wait 1 hour or more until I get one or two more patients. Most of the time I get only 3 patients per day , if I'm lucky I get 5, this only happens one day a week, also I'm not allowed to have my own patients because I'm per visit. I live far from my office I have to drive 30 miles from my home to the office. I like the job, I like HH to have time with the patients, but I feel like something else is missing. I had talked with my supervisor many times about my schedule; also I requested to be per hour. I know this may take some time, but meanwhile I can't continue driving 60 miles to see only two patients. What can I do? Please can some one give me an advice?

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Ask to switch to shift work. If they won't accommodate you, look for another employer. You can't continue to waste your time and money like this. BTW, I haven't had work since March and new employers say that they just don't have the business because of the economy. Your employer can't fault you for finding another employer who can keep you working.


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You might have to find a new agency or work more than 1 agency at a time. Are the other nurses full time? At my agency the full time nurses get the work because they are getting paid salary. The contingent nurses have to come or have the office fax any extra work that can't be filled by the other nurses. The contingent nurses do not carry a case load. Although, some agencies do let the contingents carry a load. Maybe you need to look for that kind of agency. Many of the agencies have slowed down due the economy and people losing their insurance. If you are the lowest in senority, maybe your agency feels they have an obligation to use their older nurses first. Unfortunately, you were probably not told that in orientation.

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