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  1. ittybittybabynurse

    NICU To L&D?

    I have been in NICU for 2 years & thinking about a change. I'd like to stay in women's services/peds area. My NICU is very stressfuland I realize L& D can be stressful. What are the most stressful things about L&D? My current hospital does high risk deliveries, but the hospital I am looking at does not have NICU & transfers their highrisk patients out.
  2. ittybittybabynurse

    Working a notice with scheduled PTO

    That's why I was planning on a one month notice....we really only need to give two weeks. I am wondering would they honor the last weekend with my already scheduled PTO...
  3. ittybittybabynurse

    Working a notice with scheduled PTO

    Has anyone worked a notice that included scheduled PTO? Is that allowed? I know it would depend on the employer, but has anyone done this? I am thinking of giving a one month notice and then dropping back to PRN at the hospital. I have scheduled PTO that would be included in the notice (the last weekend). I would like to use the PTO rather than getting paid out for it because I still get my weekend/night premium, otherwise the payout would be much less at the base rate. Feedback? Thanks!
  4. ittybittybabynurse

    Pay per Visit

    I'm still interviewing. I believe it is $60 for a regular visit/$90 for admission. This includes travel tiem & time for documentation.
  5. ittybittybabynurse

    Pay per Visit

    I'm talking with a HH agency about possibly working there. They are going to pay per visit. 32 hrs/week = 16-21 visits per week depending if you have some admissions vs. regular visits. This includes travel time and documentation. OK, that would typically be 4-5 visits per day. Does that seem about right for an nurse working 32 hrs/week? Approx what time of the time should I expect to be done for the day?
  6. ittybittybabynurse

    Home Care Liason??

    Anyone here a home care liason? What exactly do you do or do you have an idea of what they would do?
  7. ittybittybabynurse

    Interested in Home Health, but...

    Thanks for your input. I do hesitate to leave my current situtation because there are so many pluses. I really think 2 - 12 hr shifts (Sat, Sun 7p-7a) would be much better than 3 - 8's (Fri, Sat, Sun 11p-7a), which I do now. It basically sucks to miss everything on Saturdays because I have to sleep because I have to back in that night. I did mention to my manager that I'd like to change from my current schedule (which I have been working for a year) but all positions are frozen - they have been NO postings in over 6 months. Depressing. So I am looking at another hospital who has the 2 - 12 w/e option. At least with that, I would have part of a weekend. I do appreciate your reply. I will I will think long and hard before I do anything because I don't want to kick myself later.
  8. ittybittybabynurse

    Interested in Home Health, but...

    I am thinking of leaving the hospital and going into home health, whether it be home visits or shift work. My only hesitation is that I need benefits and I would be required to work FT, which is 36 hr./week in HH. That will be an adjustment for me because I'm currently working w/e option, so I work 24 hrs/week but get paid for 36, plus benefits. I do have a child in school, so it's been good, but I am so sick of working EVERY weekend. i would like a more "normal" schedule, but I am nervous about changing. How does the 36 hr work week work out for you, if you do home visits or shift work? Ideally, I'd like to get off of work by the time he gets home from school. Is this do-able with having to work FT status in HH??
  9. ittybittybabynurse

    I want this job!

    Thank you. I have been telling myself God knows what's best for me & my family right now and the right thing at the right time WILL come along, whether it be this or something else. Well, best of luck and please post a reply of how everything goes! I'm excited for you!!
  10. ittybittybabynurse

    I want this job!

    Nope, I did not get it. They said hopefully they will add another position in a couple of months and will call me. Thanks for asking!
  11. ittybittybabynurse


    I was thinking right away, but I was confused because even though you "give" two weeks notice, you are not actually "working" the two weeks because if you give notice on Tuesday, the 2 weeks starts that day (but you don't come to work again until the weekend coming up). Well, even in this scenario, you do end up working 2 actual weekends, I guess, right?? I am so confused!
  12. ittybittybabynurse


    Question: how would you go about giving a two-week notice for a nurse who works weekends only? Start the notice on the next weekend you work or right away (say, a Tuesday, even though you don't work until the following weekend)??
  13. ittybittybabynurse

    Why did you choose Public Health Nursing?

    While I anxiously await my second interview for a PHN job, I wondered why some others choose to go into PHN? My reasons include, of course, burn out of bedside nursing and an interest in education and prevention in the community. My favorite rotation in school was community nursing. I loved the autonomy and freedom. How about you?
  14. ittybittybabynurse

    2nd Interview

    Oh, I'm so nervous. I have a 2nd interview for a Family Nurse Advocate position next week. It will be with a panel of 3 other nurses and then the program director. I think I am more nervous about the panel interview! What questions can I anticipate from them???? I would be so grateful for any advice!!! :bowingpur
  15. ittybittybabynurse

    PHN or NFP??????

    I had an interview for a Nurse Family Partnership position, and I have an interview for a PHN position next week. Does anyone have insight on either of these?