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I have been in NICU for 2 years & thinking about a change. I'd like to stay in women's services/peds area. My NICU is very stressfuland I realize L& D can be stressful. What are the most stressful things about L&D? My current hospital does high risk deliveries, but the hospital I am looking at does not have NICU & transfers their highrisk patients out.


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Well you would be an awesome asset with your NICU experience when a bad baby pops out, so that part will be easy for you. L&D is very challenging. I use to work PP so I thought I had a good idea of what I was getting myself into. I was wrong, felt like a new grad. But as time as passed my comfort level is growing. I will hit my 1yr in L&D in Sept. I still constantly have questions for my co-workers. L&D is high stress but depending on where you work its not high stress ALL the time. There are some nights I sit on my butt wishing someone would walk in complete. There are other nights I run myself ragged with no end in site. And L&D experience has helped me understand so much else about antepartum, post partum and nursery. It will be good experience for you.


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I agree, you will be a great asset to L/D! I am an ex L/D, antepartum and postpartum RN gone NICU!! I loved L/D and learned that I am an adrenaline junky! I am finding the NICU a big snoozer after having worked in a high risk Family Maternity Center! NICU can be stressfull but in my opinion L/D is far more taxing physically and mentally. I had to leave L/D after a very bad back injury involving a Labor and Industry claim. I am permanantly injured as a result. I miss L/D BIG TIME!! But unfortunately my spine just can't take it anymore:( Just keep in mind that L/D is hard on your body(and back) as you do alot of bending, pulling, twisting and moving of patients along with holding of heavy epiduralized legs! Always be thinking good body mechanics and protect your back. L/D nurses often have a love/hate relationship with their jobs. Soooooo, after having said all this I hope I haven't discouraged you from heading down this road. If I could, I would go back to L/D in a heartbeat!! Hopefully I can land a per diem position and just dabble in it when I am feeling healthy. Good luck to you!

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