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  1. This is alarming... Also, when I checked their accreditation page, there's this "This program is not approved or regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission." What is happening...
  2. I suggest you call the NJ Board of Nursing. You don't want to waste your time, effort, and money. I hope you get a positive answer.
  3. Hi! It is safe to say the program is easy once you're done, but it is not. Most classes, if not all, are writing-intensive. I did 2 classes per session (only one class the first time so I can get used to it), and I tried to write my paper/s for one...
  4. Diploma: Chamberlain Students

    I finished the RN-BSN online program last week of Feb, and still waiting for my diploma in the mail. Has anyone received his/hers? For those who finished the program from Chamberlain, how long did you wait before you got yours? Thank you.
  5. Chamberlain's curriculum is the most reasonable. The other schools require more classes ... I finished last week! Lunah, your posts and replies helped me a lot . Thank you.
  7. VP shunt...yikes

    We commonly get patients s/p externalization of VPS, and never did I get any complaints of sloshing sound. I would be scared to hear it.
  8. Did anyone ever complete their RN-BSN through Kaplan University?

    Stony Brook University, Utica College, SUNY-Delhi, SUNY-Empire
  9. BLS Expired... Extension?

    My BLS expired last week... just want to know until when is the extension. I read it before, but I couldn't find the link. Any help? Thank you.
  10. BLS Expired... Extension?

    I have read before that if the BLS expires, we have a certain number of days/month(s) of extension. I've been searching for the link, can't find it. Mine expired last week. Any help? Thanks.
  11. Tuition reimbursement?

    3000/year, if it goes over 3000, to fill-out a commitment form to stay for 6 more months. basically, 100%...
  12. 10 Things to NEVER Say to a Nurse

    Here's a comment from a resident that really ruined a nurse's day... Joy,RN (the best IVnurse in dayshift) was requested to insert an IV to a "hard-stick" pt. The resident came, and asked... "Is Linda,RN (fr. nightshift) still here?" Joy told the ...
  13. 10 Things to NEVER Say to a Nurse

    You just got home, tired and stressed... and here's someone who comments... "Don't you just give meds?" DUH!
  14. LunahRN, thanks a lot for the info. You have always been helpful. It's great to learn that you took Comp 100. Is it a paperwork-class again, with a huge one in the end? If not, I may decide to take it instead of Coding. I'm okay with computer. ...
  15. Hello. I am done with Transitions, and half-way through Advanced Comp. and Cultural Diversity. I am in a dilemma. I want to take 2 courses each session, but confused on choosing the right classes. I am so overwhelmed this session. I knew Adv. Co...