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  1. Alta Bates RN rates?

    Hi, I am considering applying for a RN position at Alta Bates Berkeley. Wondering what the RN hourly rates are like. I have about 3 years telemetry experience under my belt and am thinking of trying the ICU or CVICU at the Berkeley campus. Trying ...
  2. ABSMC, Berkeley

    Just wondering-what are the rates for RNs there (you can give me a scale). I worked at CPMC in SF for 2 years and they were known as the highest pay (I think it's pretty much b/c the campus I was at was nonunion). New grads start at 40/hour there now...
  3. Hi, My husband and I are considering moving to Florida in the next few years-either Punta Gorda or Tampa Bay Area. I am wondering what the going hourly wages for RNs in the hospital are for these 2 areas? In general what's the differential? Is there ...
  4. Question regarding Florida RN hourly rates

    Thanks so much for you response. I noticed in your title that you are a FNP student. I am currently working as a new ANP in an Occ Health setting (graduated in June 2005). I contemplate returning to the bedside at times for a number of reasons while...