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  1. ABSMC, Berkeley

    Just wondering-what are the rates for RNs there (you can give me a scale). I worked at CPMC in SF for 2 years and they were known as the highest pay (I think it's pretty much b/c the campus I was at was nonunion). New grads start at 40/hour there now...
  2. Alta Bates RN rates?

    Hi, I am considering applying for a RN position at Alta Bates Berkeley. Wondering what the RN hourly rates are like. I have about 3 years telemetry experience under my belt and am thinking of trying the ICU or CVICU at the Berkeley campus. Trying ...
  3. Question regarding Florida RN hourly rates

    Thanks so much for you response. I noticed in your title that you are a FNP student. I am currently working as a new ANP in an Occ Health setting (graduated in June 2005). I contemplate returning to the bedside at times for a number of reasons while...
  4. Hi, My husband and I are considering moving to Florida in the next few years-either Punta Gorda or Tampa Bay Area. I am wondering what the going hourly wages for RNs in the hospital are for these 2 areas? In general what's the differential? Is there ...