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Gingerbell has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CVICU and Trauma.

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  1. Gingerbell

    Recommendation for comfortable nursing shoes

    I work long 12 hour shift in ICU and I swear by my runnings shoes! Used to wear nursing clogs (sanita & danskos) for years, but the random ankle rolls and calf cramps got to be so much I had to switch to tennis/running shoes. Too bad though becau...
  2. Gingerbell

    ICU Transition

    I am preparing to transfer from Step Down to ICU in a few weeks and would love to start mentally preparing myself now (been waiting my entire career for this move and couldn't feel more ready for the challenge ... and studying, lol). I have already t...
  3. Gingerbell

    Opinions needed...

    THANK YOU amzyRN, jadelpn, SoldierNurse22!!!!!!!!!!! I took the advice and went by his office. As it turns out, he had been extremely swamped with staffing issues and had several RNs give notice all at the same time. He offered me an impromptu int...
  4. Gingerbell

    Opinions needed...

    Opinions needed... A week ago I received a call from the manager of a unit I have been trying to get onto for a very long time. RNs just don't leave this unit so I had to wait forever for an opening. I was driving when I received the call so he asked...
  5. Gingerbell

    UC Davis - Nurse Residency - October 2012

    Where on FB does everyone keep seeing these posts? Is it a UC Davis page? I'm so lost!
  6. Gingerbell

    UC Davis - Nurse Residency - October 2012

    Does anyone know how many new grads they will be taking in this October group? The wait is torture but I REALLY want this one (as I'm sure all of us do, lol)!! Best of luck to us all!!!! :)
  7. Thanks for linking me!!! :)
  8. Gingerbell

    Choosing b/w Psych. Center and Veterans Nursing Home!!

    Does the nursing home have a sub-acute unit? If so, many hospitals (in Cali anyway) will *consider* that experience to get an acute care job. But personally, the psych sounds more interesting. Tough call but at least you have two prospects!! So congr...
  9. Hey everyone!! Has any other new grads applied for the New Grad Residency Program in June at UC Davis? I think the closing date for apps was June 18, 2012. I've been checking my application status every day and it still says "Appl". Has anyone heard ...
  10. Gingerbell

    John Muir Fall 2012- New Grad

    Wow, I just read all these posts and I am so taken back right now!! How awful this had to be for each and every one of you! I almost cried when I read the final posts. Still thinking of all my fellow new grads out there! I hope and pray things start ...
  11. Gingerbell

    PPV vs CPAP

    MsBungleRRT, Thanks for your words too .. they made me feel much better about not knowing this info. These are very hard concepts to understand!! Thanks to both the responses I received, I have a much clearer understanding but I'm sure more question...
  12. Gingerbell

    PPV vs CPAP

    umcRN, Thank you so much! Now I get it! All this equipment is new to me and it is used so fluidly throughout the NRP book. To answer your question, I signed myself up for the NRP course to make myself more competitive in the job market. I am also sc...
  13. Gingerbell

    PPV vs CPAP

    OK, this may seam like a silly question but I need some help!! I'm a new grad RN and taking an NRP course. I am having a hard time visualizing the difference between PPV and CPAP (its in the algorithm). I've watched the video's on the NRP DVD and eve...
  14. Gingerbell

    Help... New Grad Interview tomorrow

    Does anyone care to share any RN New Grad L&D, Postpartum, NICU interview questions they either ask when hiring or have been asked when they were interviewed? It could be on any of the 3 units I mentioned because they place new grads where they f...
  15. Gingerbell

    Should you put RN or BSN after name on resume?

    WOW, this entire thread was extremely helpful to me as well! Thanks to the OP for posting it! ~GB