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  1. University of Phoenix RN--> BSN program

    Hi I'm starting the uop online bsn program on October 23th. I was hoping anyone might have any tips for me as to how to prepare for it. I have never taken any online courses before and I have no idea as to what to expect. Does anyone have a syllabu...
  2. NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    Hi everyone! I just found out this morning that I passed my NCLEX exam.!!! WOW! what a great feeling! I finally have my life back! My test stopped at 113 q's- really thought I didnt make it!! worse feeling ever! but now it's over! I will be donatin...
  3. Nclex-Exam

    I actually did Kaplan and If I dont pass, I will do sauders. The test is totally content based. I dont think I even used the Kaplan tree technique to answer my questions. Well hopefully I will pass! I will keep you gilrs posted- should find out by...
  4. Nclex-Exam

    Hi everyone, I just got home from taking my nclex exam for the first time. I do not feel good about it at all. I feel as if I guessed on half the test. I got a total of 113 q's about 19 Answer all that apply, 1 dopamine calculation , priority and inf...
  5. Mt Sac Weekend Program Fall/06

    Hi, would like to talk with someone who is in the Mount San Antonio weekend program. Or anyone in the regular day program. What can you comment about their program? Are the Theory instructors helpful, how are the clinical instructors? Hope to hear fr...
  6. CLASS OF 2008, check in!

    name blanca school: rio hondo college program: adn what area of interest at this time: ob/peds biggest fear: hope my savings account doesnt code blue on me! what you'd like us to know about you: i'm a mother of 3 children under 5, i enjoy wat...
  7. Mt San Antonio college

    yes I will be attending my theory classes on Thursdays and clinicals are every other weekend both Sat & Sun 12 hr shifts. Not bad for working mothers =) I was just hoping someone would give me some info on the instructors there
  8. Mount San Antonio College

    Hi, anyone attending Mount San Antonio College. I just got accepted into their weekend program. I need to attend a 4 day orientation tomorrow and I am not familiar with the campus. Can anyone tell me where the nursing dept is at? Or maybe does anyone...
  9. Mt San Antonio college

    Thanx for the info, Yes the weekend program sounds good and it will work better for me because I have 3 little ones under the age of 4. ( I had all my kids at queen of the valley as well) =) childcare can get very expensive especially with one inco...
  10. Mt San Antonio college

    Hi, just wondering if anyone attends the Mt San Antonio nursing program. They're starting a weekend program this fall 06 and I'm thinking of transfering from Rio Hondo college. The hours will work better for me. I will be attending one day during the...
  11. nanda for total hysterectomy

    I'm so glad I found this forum. You girls have been so helpful in sharing your knowledge with all of us newbees! I really appreaciate it. Thanx again!
  12. nanda for total hysterectomy

    Thank you soo much, your information really helped me. I need to get me a nanda book asap! I'm just finishing up my nursing fundamentals class at Rio Hondo College. My Nursing program actually starts this fall w/Med-Surg and Pharmacology. wish me l...
  13. nanda for total hysterectomy

    Hi, can someone help me here, i'm trying to figure out what nursing diagnose I can use for total hysterectomy? any suggestions???
  14. Is The Housing Bubble Going To Pop???

    Hi, i'm a nurisng student and p/t real estate agent. Dont worry about any bubble bursting anytime soon. The demand very much surpasses the supply . It's still a good time to buy believe it or not. Property values are still increasing every month, n...