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  1. hojimma

    International CRNA Travel Jobs

    Guys I am a CRNA who has been in practice now for almost 3 years. I am about to start locums here in the United States but I am very interested in traveling overseas to the middle east for anesthesia work. if anyone has any information regarding how to get jobs overseas or what travel company to contact. please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. hojimma

    Any NIGERIAN SRNA(s) or CRNA(s) here?

    OMG my people!!! I HAVE GRADUATED FROM CRNA school as of 3 days ago!!!! I am sooo happy and wish you all the best. God will guide you all through journey and pursuit of happiness. I am finished!!! Chukwu-dimma seriously.
  3. hojimma

    the SEE exam

    Anybody out there know some good resources to use to study for the SEE exam (Self-Evaluation Exam)? my school makes us that this test offered by Pearson Vue. if anyone has anything that might help....that would be cool
  4. hojimma

    Any NIGERIAN SRNA(s) or CRNA(s) here?

    Congratulations!!!! HIP HIP HIP horrayyyy! LOL...Big up to all the Nigerians on here trying to make it happen in this nation, especially as CRNA's.
  5. hojimma

    Preoping patients

    Does anyone out there have a system by system set of questions that they ask to make sure they cover all pertinent aspects of the patients history. My experience has been to just keep digging deeper with more questions when I find that the patient has a problem or disease in a major system or body organ. but I would like to know if anyone has a method that they go buy or a set of written questions that they go through? thanks
  6. Hey good luck ladies and gents...I am just finishing my third semester and will be going full time come september 15. my clinical site will be in Tampa not Naples soooo if you guys ever have any questions about the Tampa clinical sites or if you're trying to make a decision on where to do your clinical hit me up. TRUST me you guys will enjoy your education at Wolford...in my opinion this school is going to be the absolute best school in the state in a couple years once people really start recognizing the things we're doing down here. The school will be getting a simulator lab with like 3 OR(s) in a couple years. The school's new building is crazy nice with cameras everywhere (including 4 in the classrooms....so nooooo cheating). The school is accredited for the next 10 years so no trouble there and last but not least the school has applied and is working on the SACS accreditation to start a DNAP portion next year (Fall)
  7. hojimma

    Difficult Airway!!

    Hey all, I am just wanting to ask if anyone has come across any superb or really good books on difficult airway management. Or has anyone come across any books that they feel that is a MUST HAVE for SRNA(s) please share your info and thanks for your time
  8. hojimma

    Wolford College

    Sorry I know this is kinda off topic....but would you have preferred to do clinicals in Tampa or Naples because I am really trying to choose but am confused on where would be the best situation. please reply
  9. hojimma

    Any NIGERIAN SRNA(s) or CRNA(s) here?

    my name is Chidi Ojimma, I am about to start my 3rd semester in June....I just thought it would be interesting to find other nigerians to network with who also have the passion to be a CRNA. I am from Imo state -I'm actually going home for two weeks before the 3rd semester starts :=] anyways, good luck to everyone. I've had thoughts of moving to Houston, Tx after school to practice since it has a large population of nigerians...butttt of course I have to graduate first. lol
  10. Hello all, if anyone on here is a Wolford college student please answer this question is you can. I am starting my 3rd semester of school June 2. But my issue is that I can't come to a decision on whether to go to Tampa for clinicals or to remain in Naples. I just want to know 1) what are the pros and cons of both places. 2) Is there a drop off in the experience you get in Tampa? 3) If you had to do it all over again, where would you have done your clinicals and why? finally---is there a better more efficient way to memorize and retain the drugs/dosages/indications for use during clinicals?
  11. hojimma

    Chemistry and Science?

    Ok, so I have one month before classes start. (I would like to know if anyone is willing to help). What science or chemistry topics to exactly touch up on before I start. what type of chemistry (organic?, Biochem?) what things to study would help me the most to do well in first semester of CRNA school?
  12. What's up to all in this forum that were accepted to Wolford College for this October!!!. Congrats everyone...I am looking forward to starting out fast and finishing strong. If you are going to be in the program, please reply and let everyone know your status and questions so far as far as preparing for school. Anyone looking for a roommate? What are you doing to get prepared? Loans secured? which type? Have you purchase any equipment (laptop, digital recorder, steth, etc..)? any random info or reply is welcomed again, congrats to everyone
  13. hojimma

    (BSN) Travel Nurses MAKE MORE than CRNAs!

    Sorry if this topic seems pointless and my intention was not to stir the pot....this topic was an opportunity to get some information from other posters on what their thoughts are on what I wrote. I did not mean to make anyone angry....just a topic that I thought was worth discussing.
  14. There is no disputing that this is true because by working 5 days a week on travel assignments (ICU)--an ICU travel nurse can definitely earn more than a CRNA (for the travel nurse, I think this will be between 165K-185K depending on the agency). The travel nurse would be working roughly 60 hours a week---and as I understand it CRNA's normally work around 40-45 hours/weekly making around 120K-130K *maybe*. *the catch is* CRNA have benefits and packages that are really good, which also adds to the bottom line. but at the end of the day-- Why go through CRNA school, when you can make just as much if not more TRAVELING? YOUR OPINIONS WELCOMED!
  15. hojimma

    I Need Money For Crna School!!! Heeellllppp

    Thank you so very very much. I am very excited about starting school again. And I appreciate you taking the time to welcome me to the program. Please if you have the time can you answer some questions for me: How are classes going for u right now? What helped you get through your first semester? Looking back, what do you feel you would have done different to make things easier for you starting out? ANY RANDOM HELPFUL INFORMATION YOU MAY WANT TO GIVE THAT WILL HELP ME-------FEEEEEELLLLLLLL FRREEEE.