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JoAnna McNurse

Med-Surg, Oncology
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JoAnna McNurse specializes in Med-Surg, Oncology.

I may be the "oldest," new Nurse in the World !! Just graduated from a 2nd Degree Program - age 57 - can't wait to get started !!

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  1. JoAnna McNurse

    New to TN and looking for Physician

    I have just moved to the knoxville area and don't know any physicians. I am hoping someong can recommend a good Dermatologist and Family Practice or Internal medicine physician. Thanks for your help.
  2. JoAnna McNurse

    Correct Title RN etc. Order ??

    This is probably a really dumb question.....but which is proper: #1. Mary Jones, RN, BSN, OCN #2. Mary Jones, BSN, OCN, RN #3. Some other way not listed above ????? Thanks
  3. JoAnna McNurse

    Low Paying vs High Paying Companies ???

    So many of the messages refer to "ABC Company" being a "low paying" company ... or that they are not as high paying as "some companies." I was wondering: What companies are considered by most nurses to be the HIGH paying? What companies are considered by most nurses to be the LOW paying? Thanks
  4. JoAnna McNurse

    Moving to Michigan - Which Hospitals Best

    I think the Henry Ford Hosp in Clinton Township is close to where I'll be. Have you heard anything about that hosp? Thanks for getting back to me.
  5. JoAnna McNurse

    Moving to Michigan - Which Hospitals Best

    Thanks for getting back to me. Which Henry Ford Hosp did you work in? I think there is one in the Clinton Township area that will be close to where I might be.
  6. JoAnna McNurse

    Best Oncology Jobs/Centers for RN

    I'm moving to MI in the fall. Anything you can tell me about the best oncology hospital and out-patient office/center would be greatly appreciated. Will probably live in the Birmingham or Rochester Hills area. Thanks so much
  7. JoAnna McNurse

    Moving to Michigan - Which Hospitals Best

    I may be moving to Michigan in the Fall. I'll probably live in Birmingham or Rochester Hills. Recently visited the area and went in to Royal Oak, Beaumont, Crittington Hospitals. Didn't have time to get to a Henry Ford. My specialty is Oncology. I am OCN certified with about 3+ yrs experience. Would appreciate any general info on the above hospitals. And if anyone knows how the oncology departments are run, it would be great to get that info also. Thanks for your help
  8. JoAnna McNurse

    wondering about oncology clinic job

    I'm an oncology nurse working in a cancer unit in a large hospital for almost 2 years. I would love to work in an onc clinic.....but, if your area is anything like mine, the offices and clinics are not interested in hiring a "rookie." They want a highly experienced nurse who has acquired vast and thorough background and experrtise in dealing with oncology patients. That background comes from working in a hospital oncology unit. If you are seriously interested in being an oncology nurse, I strongly advise you to start in the hospital onc environment. I am hoping after a couple more years in the hospital, I'll be able to move over to an office / infusion center setting.
  9. JoAnna McNurse

    Preparing for ONS/OCN exam?????

    I am going to take my OCN certification exam in late May. I've bought the Corp Cirriculum book and study guide which I am slowly working my way through. I was just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions on how to prepare for the test in the most efficient manner. Also, any comments on the test content concentration and difficulty would be appreciated. THanks
  10. JoAnna McNurse

    Changing from Med-Onc to Rad-Onc Nursing

    I'm a new RN (20 months now) and have been working on a hem-onc, med-onc unit is a large hospital teaching hospita. I've learned a lot and have really enjoyed it. But.....I am sick of the 12 hour shifts, flipping back and forth between nights and days, and working waaaay to many weekends. A position in Radiation Oncology has opened up and I am interviewing on Friday. This job is 10 hour days, no nights and no weekends... a good place to start in a job change about now. Ha Ha I would really appreciate it if some of you could tell me what the nurse's role is in Rad-Onc and how the work compares with work on an onc unit. Any tips on interviewing, etc... anything else you might want to pass along. FYI: I was a diagnostic, rad-tech for about 8 years back in the 1980's so I do have some knowledge of the science of radiography. Thanks so much for your help, Joanne
  11. JoAnna McNurse

    Do you recommend radiology nursing for me?

    Many years before I became an RN in 2005, I was an RT (ARRT) in radiology. During those days, back in the 1980's there were no nurses working in the "special studies" / surgy department I worked. Now that I'm an RN and I'm sick of working on a floor, I'm wondering what a day in IR is like for a nurse. Any info is appreciated. THanks
  12. JoAnna McNurse

    Hate Hospitals - THinking about GI

    i graduated from a 2nd degree bsn program last auguse and have spent a year in oncology, med/surg. i am sick of the the 12 hour days, night/evening rotations and taking care of so many acutely ill patients due to understaffing. i'm thinking about applying to several gi private practices that also have endo centers. can you tell me about what it's like to be a nurse in a private gi office? what about working in the endo center? any info & advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Years ago as an angiography technologist I used to easily start IV's to give my contrast using the "old fashioned" straight angiocath. I'd puncture the vein, reach over and slide the cathater down further into the vein, remove the needle.....hook up and I was done!! I'm now a new RN and the Unit I'm on uses this Bectin-Dickinson Butterfly system that I absolutely hate and am very poor at getting the darn thing in the vein. The way this thing works is that a butterfly device w/ a needle incased in a cathater is inserted into the vein. It seems you have to push the entire needle with cathater deeply into the vein before you can pull this "long tail" out of the butterfly device which removes the needle and leaves the cathater in place. I have to be so careful to hold the butterfly so as to not pull the whole thing out of the vein. I HATE IT. I also can't seem to thread the entire needle in the vein very accurately. I'm just wondering if anyone -- expecially you IV experts --- have had similar problems and hate this system as much as I do. This is the only hospital I've ever worked in. Do other hospitals have different types of angio sets that are different from this system.....or maybe just the old fashioned straight cath like I used to use ??? Thanks for letting me vent a little. Will look for guidance from you all.
  14. JoAnna McNurse

    Epocrates vs. Davis

    I am a techno-junkie and have all kinds of medical reference programs on my Palm PDA including ePocrates Rx (full version) and Davis Drug Guide. I am about to install Pepid also to check it out. I constantly use ePoc and DDG. Sometimes one will have a drug the other doesnt have. But.....if I had to choose one, I think I would pick Davis because of all the extra info it has in it regarding nursing "things." I also like the format of the information within the program. It is easier to quickly locate things like drug class, generic names/trade names, etc. I bough my copy of Davis from a company called Medical Wizards and the Davis Drug Guide they offer has and "integrated calculator" componenet with it. THis means that many (500-600) of the drugs have a calculator button that allow you to caculate the dose right then and there within a specific drug profile that you have looked up. Just recently, I noticed that Skyscape has also started featuring a Davis DG with integrated calculator also. I haven't checked it out yet. With my subscription on DDG runs out with Medical Wizards, I will probably move over to Skyscape becausee I also have 4 or 5 other programs with them, and all of their products can interface together. Meanwhile, as an oncology nurse, I am very interested to see how good this Pepid program is. In general, I don't see how anyone gets along without a Palm/PDA. I just do not have time to hunt down a 2-year old drug book on my Unit when I'm working
  15. JoAnna McNurse

    Hate Hospital - Do I have to do this ??

    Thanks for the good advice. I've about decided to "go for it" after the first of the year. This hospital craziness is just not for me.
  16. JoAnna McNurse

    Hate Hospital - Do I have to do this ??

    Graduated in August, passed NCLEX and have been working on a Onc Med/Surg Unit since. I HATE IT. I love the patients and nursing skills but I hate the high patient loads and other craziness. Also, my hospital is in the "dark ages" with regards to computer systems for charting, MAR's and anything else which makes the record keeping/admin part of the job 10 times harder and more inefficient than it should be. I am always 1-2 hours getting out of there at the end of shift. Question: I went back to nursing school because I wanted to be an Onc nurse and give chemo. I really want to work in an infusion center. Do you all think there is any reason I need to stay in this darn hospital .. or.. can I just start looking for a job in an infusion center ? Opinions and experiences welcome. Thanks

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