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  1. timls3674

    Just finished the NCLEX.....PVT

    i did mine yesterday about an hour after my test (test was at 2pm) and got the good message i also wondered if at midnight it may change due to being a new day and did it again at 0005 and still got the good message and today at 1315 i seen my name on the OBN with RN behind my name and active so the PVT works !!!!
  2. timls3674

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    the PVT worked for me !!!!! i took the nclex yesterday at 2pm it cut off at 75 questions and i honestly thought i failed i went back and reviewed several questions and found that i picked the wrong answers and came home a hour later and did the PVT and got the the good pop up and it did not let me advance to the cc screen so i worried all night i didnt sleep and kept thinking i failed and there was no way i could have passed the pvt helped me keep my sanity a few times and today at 115pm my friend texted me and said check the OBN website and i did and i am now a RN in Ohio .thank god !!!!!:yeah::yeah::up::up: PVT works !!! timls3674
  3. i just finished and it shut off at 75 questions and i am 100% sure i got the last question wrong i had some math calc's and maybe 8 to 10 SATA question and i just tried the PVT and it says i just took the exam and to contact my state board of nursing and didnt let me go to the cc screen ( i dunno how soon you can or cant do the PVT trick after taking the test, i did it maybe an hour and half after taking it) so i dont know what to think and all i do know is this is going to be along night i hope i passed ! timls3674