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  1. ak47m203

    800lbs plus man

    > he used two beds.
  2. ak47m203

    best place to live

    nice i've seen that place at the internet the houses are cheap. in long island property taxes range from 4500 to 9000.
  3. ak47m203

    best place to live

    i found this site. i compare ny to dallas. http://www.bestplaces.net/col/Default.aspx?salary=80000&city1=5380&city2=1920
  4. ak47m203

    Most easy job in Nursing?

    go to any office hours nursing job.
  5. ak47m203

    best place to live

    nice...how much is the pay rate? on my new job at presbyterian columbia they offered me 81 grand a year but the house is soo expensive.
  6. ak47m203

    watches - best for nurses?

    yeah im still using that. im from uk too.
  7. ak47m203

    best place to live

    im from long island ny and looking for a house to buy. it will cost me 475grand for the house i want(1950 cape 4bedroom 3 bath). I have a friend in dallas texas and the houses are so cheap. new for around 180grand. like this... i can buy 2 houses for that house in ny. now before i relocate im also considering salary calamities weather crimes taxes etc. what are prices of in houses in your place. t.y. http://newhomeagents.com/dallas/sepp.asp?head=&subdiv=&XSPID=946775&ID=169&gate= or this 195grand or this 233grand
  8. rp means republic of the philippines. my other hospital is code 99 for arrest.
  9. ak47m203

    140 mg lopressor with no effects to me.

    i don't drink coffee and even my metabolism is fast still it should touch my hr because im in cont. cardiac monitoring and it did nothing. adenosine has a very short half life but still with my hyperthyroidim patient i can see some effects.
  10. i heard the farmers hate it. i think nurses too especially those with cvvhd. they say it can save energy and money i think they save more if they stop dropping bombs other countries.
  11. ak47m203


    i use narrative style the shorter the better.
  12. ak47m203

    Is this my fault??

    you know what! one thing that the ICU nurse should not do is accuse you. How could she/he verify that it is you the cause of his death. is he/she a medico legal officer? there's a lot of reason why the patient will die. the doctor/resident/attending should be part of his incident and cause too. not only you if he/she really knew what was talking about.
  13. ak47m203

    140 mg lopressor with no effects to me.

    i had complete labs and my thyroid was ok except for my cholesterol.
  14. ak47m203

    140 mg lopressor with no effects to me.

    they say that's the max i can have. when she started giving me 10mg ivp. i started looking for the crash cart. normally i will start 2.5 even the order is 5mg just to see how it will affect the patient.
  15. ak47m203

    140 mg lopressor with no effects to me.

    that's why when they sent me home i asked my wife to drive. I'm so paranoid that i may just arrest while driving because in some patient it takes time but not with 40mg(total ivp) 5 to 10 mins apart.
  16. i knew one hospital their arrest code is meydey meydey. like an airplane.

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