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  1. What difficulties are you having in making a decision? Do you live in Las Vegas? Have you visited either school? I live in the SF bay area and have interviewed and been accepted to both schools. CA schools are extremely impacted. Would you like to ...
  2. I was wondering if there were and nurses from Las Vegas who have worked with students from either the University of Southern Nevada or Touro University. I am considering going to either of these two schools and I am looking for some feedback. thanx w...
  3. are there any students out there who go to either touro university or the university of southern nevada
  4. accrediting agencies

    What are the names of the agencies that accredit nursings schools
  5. I posted a thread on the Nevada Regional portion of this website and did not receive a response. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the University of Southern Nevada and/or Touro University. Both of these schools have new nursing prog...
  6. I have recently been accepted to a nursing school that is not accredited by either of the two accrediting boards of nursing. I have applied to, but not been accepted into a few of the accredited nursing schools in California. The school that has ac...
  7. National University

    Well I didn't make it. National did not accept me. I guess they can set their standards high being that they are accredited and do not have a wait list. So my advice to anyone applying is not to get your hopes up if your grades are not stellar.
  8. nursing schools in Wyoming

    are there any unimpacted nursing schools in Wyoming
  9. nursing schools in Montana

    are there any unipacted nursing schools in Montana
  10. nursing schools in Montana

    Are there any unimpacted nursing schools in Montana
  11. nursing schools in Nebraska

    Are there any unimpacted nursing schools in Nebraska
  12. University of Southern Nevada

    Has anyone been to the USN and know anything about the school. I have applied there and am supposed to set up an interview with them.
  13. University of Southern Nevada

    Does anyone know anything about the University of Southern Nevada. I have applied there and am supposed to schedule a meeting with them. Has anyone gone to school there and/or can tell me anything about the school. want2rn
  14. Has anyone had successful spinal surgery?

    as a chiropractor I have seen mixed results with surgery. I believe it truly depends on the surgeon. If it were just a matter of a herniated disc I know there are non evasive treatments. There is a new spinal decompression machine that appears to ...
  15. Excelsior College

    Does anyone know if Excelsior College provides an adequate nursing education. It seems odd that you can recieve a nursing education online and still be able to gain the information you need to be a compitent nurse. want2rn