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WoWChick has 17 years experience as a BSN and specializes in gen med surge.

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  1. What is the current scientific standpoint on having a patient do pre-surgical chlorhexidine washes at home for a planned cesarean section? I was kind of shocked that it wasn't mentioned at all. Granted, unplanned c-sections don't have the luxury of p...
  2. How do I navigate the process?

  3. How do I navigate the process?

    I let my nursing license lapse in 2011 after I became a Stay-at-Home-Mom. 1) How do I get my license back? I've looked at the NCBON website but I can't determine where to begin. Background check first? CEUs first? When do I do the application on the...
  4. Typical Day For A Home Health Nurse | Life of a Nurse

    I would say lifting and transferring one person - learning how to work with them and establishing a rapport - is much better for your back than hospital lifting and transfers. Of course, this is case specific and so I am wondering if your patient is ...
  5. MRSA & IVAB - Vancomycin

    I'll have to check our policy on colonized patients. I know they are placed on contact isolation, regardless.
  6. Typical Day For A Home Health Nurse | Life of a Nurse

    Really? I am looking for a change. Even with gas prices being nasty - I think this is worth it. My Mom was a HH RN the whole time I was growing up. I've done my year in med surge. I'm ready to actually have time to take care of my patients. Any advi...
  7. At a crossroads:

    Thanks. Looks like I'm two years older than you but you have 1 UP on me in the happy-with-my-job category. Best of luck to you with your new job. I hope that you find happiness - where ever it is for you! As for me...I may just take your advice and ...
  8. MRSA & IVAB - Vancomycin

    We, along with three other floors swab folks as soon as they get in the room. Most of the time I send the swab down to lab with a chart sticker before lab can print a sticker off and send it up to me. If positive we place on contact isolation and we...
  9. How many new nurses are seriously thinking about quiting?

    So what is the count at? #quitting? #thinking about quitting? #sticking with it? I have a new name for nurses: masochists. I do find satisfaction every morning at 7.30 as I leave...I look back on the night...think about the hell...and think about th...
  10. Job related Stress and Anxiety

    Oh God! I'm not the only one! I'm not the only one! Woo hoo! I just posted a "vomit session" a couple of hours ago. I suppose it was venting and seeking advice...but a lot of my problem is solved by decreasing my something easi...
  11. Dragging 'em out of bed

    ....I think I just wet myself.
  12. Help Me! I'm trying to quit smoking!!!!

    Been there, done that, didn't buy the T-Shirt. I'll help you in any way that I can...just ask, okay? P.S. - I tried everything...sometimes more than once. Last and final thing was Chantix. It did the trick. P.P.S. - Sometimes all of the planets have...
  13. At a crossroads:

    Hiya there folks. Ever feel like you are suffocating? Ever feel like you are going to explode because of the panic inside? Well I feel as if I could pop wide open right now! (And two days before I work, and all days that I work.) I do. I think I hat...
  14. Charting do's and don'ts

    You guys are naughty nurses. lol, naughty nurses Here is what my charting usually sounds like: "Pt. resting comfortably with eyes closed. Respirations equal and unlaboured. No sign of acute distress noted. Will continue to monitor." "Pt. awake, alert...
  15. nurse to patient ratio

    I work nights in Asheville. If we are REALLY lucky and staffed beautifully we have 4:1. Some nights I have had 6 patients. Those are the nights you pray a lot and thrive on team work.