No chlorhexidine scrubbing at home anymore?

by WoWChick WoWChick, BSN Member Nurse

Specializes in gen med surge. Has 17 years experience.

What is the current scientific standpoint on having a patient do pre-surgical chlorhexidine washes at home for a planned cesarean section? I was kind of shocked that it wasn't mentioned at all. Granted, unplanned c-sections don't have the luxury of pre-planning and they happen all the time.

Thinking of how our stance on pre-surgical shaving has shifted from shave to clip to surgeon's discretion, I'm wondering if the pre-surgical washes have shifted in the same way. I can argue that iodine would dry the skin out and make the incision less likely to close properly, and that chlorhexidine is possibly the better choice to send a woman home with, but if you have the luxury of time, why not work on decreasing the native bacteria?

Whats the norm you see in OB now?